Google is justly famous for having professional chefs on staff who prepare delicious and healthy meals for the company's employees. Maybe it should reassign a few of those chefs to its design studio.

That might have prevented the current kerfuffle over the company's hamburger emoji. To begin with, the misnamed emoji is actually an image of a cheeseburger, not a hamburger, but in that Google is no different from every other tech company, all of whom seem to use cheeseburgers for their "hamburger" emojis. 

What sets Google's emoji apart is the order of things. Anyone who's ever cooked or eaten a cheeseburger knows that that the cheese slice is placed directly on top of the burger, usually as it finishes cooking, and the heat from the meat melts the cheese. Except that's not true of Google's alternate reality cheeseburger, in which the cheese goes on top of the bottom bun, underneath the meat.

The cheese is still shown melting down the sides of the bun, which adds to the confusion. Maybe the bun with the cheese on it went into a toaster oven for a minute or two before the patty was placed on top of it, or maybe the patty was so incredibly hot that it melted the cheese just by sitting on it. But neither of these explanations seems especially likely.

Nothing Google does ever goes unnoticed, so the Twitterverse immediately took note of the odd cheese placement and asked Google to explain itself.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who apparently really does sweat the small stuff, tweeted this reply on Sunday:

That last caveat is disingenuous--there may be disagreement about the specifics of lettuce or tomato against the bread, and above or below the patty, but everyone is quite clear that the cheese goes on top of the meat and not below it, as a tweeter named Susan Fowler told Pichai.

If she does, it's not clear what he'll do with it, being as he's a vegetarian.

Once the hamburger emoji is fixed, Google's food emoji designers still have a few more issues to address. For example, there's the bowl with spoon emoji. Every other bowl and spoon emoji looks like the bowl is filled with either soup or hot breakfast cereal. Or else, as in Apple's case, the bowl is simply empty.

But what the heck is floating around in Google's emoji bowl?? That certainly doesn't look like any breakfast cereal I've ever eaten.

And that's not all. Google's mug of beer emoji shows a glass only half full of beer, but with a nice full head of foam somehow levitating at the top of the glass.

Apparently Google's emoji designers don't spend much time in pubs either.