Just 15 days after launching its new chicken sandwich--what the company called its biggest new launch in 30 years--Popeyes is completely sold out of them. 

The company, which has been gaining a lot of traction on Twitter with clever tweets and an ongoing tweet feud with Chick-fil-A over who has the better sandwich, announced this dispiriting news on its favorite social network in its usual lighthearted way.

Not all of their Twitter audience was amused.

And of course, some customers referenced Popeyes' rival in the #ChickenWars.

Some on Twitter wondered whether Popeyes might have run out of chicken sandwiches on purpose. A Popeyes representative told CNBC that the chain had "aggressively" planned for demand through the end of September but that demand overwhelmed supply. In any case, running out of the new sandwich so quickly has created a whole new burst of free publicity, just as the Twitter rivalry with Chick-fil-A did. In fact, @PopeyesChicken even used the moment as an opportunity to encourage people to download its app and turn on push notifications so as to be "the first to know when it's back."

In other chicken-related news, KFC also ran out of its new Beyond Meat non-chicken chicken at the one Atlanta location where the chain was testing it out. It's reportedly considering whether to go ahead with a bigger rollout, although it really seems like a no-brainer. Since there were lines around the block and the Beyond Meat products sold out in only five hours, it's hard to see how that product test could have been any more of a success.