So, you've got a great product. Your team is poised and ready and your website and offices spick and span. How do you encourage the sales to start rolling in?

Depending on your industry, you may have a lengthy lead cycle and a hundred hoops to jump through before closing a sale. Especially when large committees are involved and clients are cautious with their budgets. If you want to start generating the big bucks, you need to think outside the box with innovative ways to sell like a boss.

Here is some food for thought:

Try a little trip wire marketing

Trip wire marketing is still alive and well and you can use it for your company to sell like a boss. The "trip wire" marketing technique refers to offering a low-cost, relatively painless incentive. Just consider Livingsocial, Warby Parker and MiniBar. They have all achieved success using this technique.

Think of it as a baited hook to lure your customers in. Drinking app, Hooch, for example, offers its users bar selections based on their mood and location. And adds an extra incentive; a free drink in every bar they go to. Kinda like those sales reps lining the beach on vacation, handing out drink tickets, but without customers feeling bombarded or invaded. Try to think of ways your business can reward customers and attract new ones, whether it's with free tips and information or a sampler product.

Speed up the sales cycle

According to a recent study, closing B2B sales is more challenging than ever before, especially with the plethora of competition available a few mouse clicks. Add to that the fact that many B2B decisions are made by committee and you may find that nurturing leads is a little like bringing up a child. It takes time and patience, and you have to get the balance right between being overbearing and oppressive; and allowing them to run wild and stray away from home.

Sales teams need to learn to become more efficient. Cut through the mundane manual work and stop wasting time chasing cold leads and contacting the wrong people. Approximately 72 percent of sales people still spend way too long on manual work, even with AI and automation at their fingertips. Spending hours of their working day plugging through excels or manually entering data isn't going to help you step up your game.

Innovative companies are using BI tools and creative marketing tactics to speed up the sales cycle, nurture leads, and unlock higher prospect conversion rates.

Track your website leads

Of course, it's much easier to sell to your prospects when you know who your prospects are. And you no longer have to go knocking door to door and leaving a calling card, or take them out to dinner. At least, not to start with. If you're looking to discover exactly which companies are visiting your website, how often, and the pages they're lingering on, try a built-in sales tool like Leadfeeder.

This is one of many simple visitor tracking platforms that integrates directly with your CRM to increase your sales intelligence. It basically empowers your sales staff with the extra data they need to be able to close a sale. When you track your website leads, you can set up alerts and know the moment a target company is visiting your site. This means that not only will you know who your clients are; but you'll know when the right moment to contact them is, when they're in the market to buy and exactly what they're looking for.

Keep tabs on your lost leads

Many companies make the mistake of not following up on "lost leads." That is, the website visitors who come to your site and leave without making a purchase. People who visit your site might not be ready to convert the moment they land on it. But that doesn't mean they never will, so you need to follow up. Get creative with your lost leads by tracking them and targeting marketing campaigns to them.

While some marketers say that email marketing is dead, those armed with the right knowledge are finding the opposite to be true. So, try a tool like SalesLoft that can help you craft compelling email marketing campaigns to win back your lost sheep. These can be automated to keep tabs on site visitors gone astray. You can also monitor the success of your results, responses, open rates, and bounces in one place.

Ramp up your lead acquisition

Once you have your site visitors tracked and under control, you can start speeding up lead acquisition using business intelligence tools. LeadSquared, for example, is a lead conversion platform that combines marketing automation with conversion prediction analysis. You'll get models and patterns on past purchasing behavior and be able to close more deals, faster.

You can also customize your lead scoring and adjust your parameters according to your sales goals. Lead conversion software uses an API that lets you create custom data and push connectors for better performance across all your business applications. Every member of your sales team can be on the same page and strike when the proverbial iron is hot.

In today's cutthroat B2B sales environment, companies need to adapt and get innovative to rise above the rest. Adaptation requires original thinking, the help of smart BI tools and creative marketing tactics. You should have the ability to track and categorize website traffic, increase engagement, and convert leads across the board. With the right tools in your kit, you can rise above the a boss.