Your brain is your biggest asset. Invest in it.....starting this weekend.

Science dictates that rest is crucial to brain function. So many of us power through the weekend, catching up on projects we missed during the week. This can cause burnout / exhaustion, and actually impede creativity.

So! I've taken the liberty of planning your Saturday for you. No need to thank me. Thank science. Here's what's on your itinerary:

Sleep in.

Entrepreneurs might think of sleeping in as being completely "unproductive," but it's not. According to a Harvard study, lack of sleep can negatively effect your memory and mood, and actually cause you to remember things wrong. So if you want to stay sharp, you'll catch those Z's.

This Saturday, keep your alarm clock turned off and sleep until you naturally wake up. Then when you do wake up:

Eat a protein-packed breakfast.

Protein provides the body with the amino acids that make up our brain's neurotransmitters. According to the Memory Foundation, when we don't eat enough good protein, the brain can't produce enough neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which is one of the main chemicals which regulates our moods.

If you want to be the effective leader possible during the week, you need to make sure your mood is in check! So, go to brunch. Have an omelet or some walnut pancakes. Protein is your friend.

Find the fun in exercise.

After you've fueled up, you're going to put on something comfy and either play your favorite sport, head to the gym, or take a nice long bike ride. Why? Well according to a recent scientific study, people who are more physically active have a higher brain volume. Sweet.

This should be fun you guys; if traditional exercise bores you, I suggest you shake things up. There's a very cool platform called ClassPass that allows you to take unlimited exercise classes at different studios in the area. Not going to lie, I'm a little bit of an exercise junky and I've tried pretty much everything. With classes like trapeze, trampoline, Bollywood dancing, or samurai sword fighting available - not only will you not get bored, you will exercise more enthusiastically and may even find a new hobby. Which brings me to my next point:

Engage in your favorite hobby.

Hobbies are a great way to let off some steam and relieve stress for sure. But certain hobbies can actually improve your brain function. These include things like learning an instrument (which allows the brain create new connections), solving puzzles (helps the brain learn faster), and even playing video games (improves cognition).

Take a shower!

Okay, maybe you want to do this after you exercise. But don't just do it to get clean.

Ever wonder why you get so many ideas in the shower? Well it's actually a thing. According to research, you're more likely to have a creative breakthrough when you're doing something mindless. Your brain basically switches to autopilot and frees up your mind to wander. So you naturally and organically begin to solve problems without even really thinking about it.

So, not to be a nag or anything - but I'm telling you to take a break. Well, science is, anyway. And you can't argue with science!