During the holidays, our minds naturally begin to turn to the things and people we are most thankful for and what we can do to spread that feeling around.

For those who run a business, there is really nothing better than being able to utilize a team and resources to give back in an impactful way. So many companies (big and small!) understand the importance of making the world a better place, how that great feeling is entirely infectious, and why it should be shared among co-workers.

This holiday season, our team decided not spend money on fancy cookie baskets for our clients. Instead, we opted to give them something more fun and meaningful.

We worked with the Heifer Foundation to provide farm animals to people in third world countries - all in the name of our clients. Now with the gift of this livestock, poor families will have regular access to milk, eggs, and honey - which they can both eat and utilize as sustainable income. The foundation is truly incredible and saves millions of lives every year. We were honored to be a small part of this impact and what made it more special was getting to witness the awesome reactions from the clients we included in this mission! It truly energized us as a team and actually sparked a plethora of new creative ideas. Win / win!

But we're far from the only ones with charity on the brain. Earlier this month, I talked to Daniel Goodman of Charity Choice Gift Cards, who is providing creative new ways for corporations to instill a sense of giving and purpose in their staff members. This organization allows businesses to give charity gift cards to their employees who get to decide where the money goes. Recipients can choose from hundreds of worthy causes and donate to an organization that resonates with them. This is a very thoughtful way to help increase employee engagement and make team members feel that they are truly making a difference.

This year, think about finding new ways to further unite your employees around a great cause - the more creative, the better! You'll be amazed at how adding this to the mix can actually breathe new life into the office and inspire teamwork. Happy holidays!