Amare leaders put love to work in their lives and companies every day. When you do, your energy uplifts all your stakeholders. It creates meaningful connections and outcomes that are powerful on so many levels. And ... it all starts with you.

As a leader, the three practices of gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion enable you to build up and share your amare (love) energy. Gratitude helps you value what you have -- right here, right now. Then forgiveness acknowledges you're not perfect and helps you release feelings of failure and insufficiency. This makes space for deep compassion, through which you understand and care about suffering -- yours and others'. Together, these three practices create real happiness.

  • What are you grateful for right now? 
  • What do you need to forgive in yourself?
  • What can you be compassionate about?

How to start integrating the three habits into your leadership style (in two minutes!):

  1. Gratitude. Take two minutes right now to list what you're grateful for. Think about people -- your family, friends, employees, customers, etc. Consider too your purpose, money, and, of course, love. Don't hold back!

  2. Forgiveness. Now take two minutes and list (without judgment) grudges you hold. Some might be against yourself. If you choose to release them, say out loud, "I forgive ______ for ________." Repeat often.

  3. Compassion. Once more, take two minutes and identify three ways you can treat yourself better. Choose one and implement it right now. Do the same for your direct reports and put it into action today -- without expecting anything in return.

Making gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion a daily practice can radically change how you feel about yourself as a leader, and help you bring out the best in those around you.