I'm just back from a beautiful family wedding near Yosemite, where my niece and her bride joined together in matrimony. What stood out was twofold: the incredible grandeur of the location and how much these two young women show up as themselves. 

What these two things have in common is nature. It's one thing to be in nature, which is of course so powerfully nourishing. For leaders in business, what we also need to do is to be in our own nature, knowing and being unabashedly who we are. For you as a leader and role model that means being authentically, vulnerably, and courageously you. 

  • Do you deeply know your nature?

  • Are you willing to always show up as you, no disguises?

  • Will you be an example of authenticity for others to follow?

Four Steps to Being True to Your Nature

  1. Accept your nature. List three fundamental truths about your nature, using words like smart, kind, detailed, visionary, fast, careful, protective, solid, etc. Next, add one way each trait can be an asset to your organization. Then say "woo hoo!" and mean it!

  2. Get feedback. Select five people you really trust and who know you well. Ask them when, in their experience, you most and least show up whole and true to your deepest nature. Notice the patterns, and what conditions invite or inhibit you from being true to your nature.

  3. Deeply rest. Invest 15 minutes a day for your mind, body, and spirit to refuel and rejuvenate. Look into mindfulness practices to help you turn your mind off. Create a "nest" that feels good to your body. Give your spirit what it needs, too. 

  4. Empower yourself. Give yourself permission to be your highest self, which only happens when you are true to your nature. Come up with one specific action you can take today that expresses your nature in a healthy and productive way. Repeat daily.

You are so much more effective as a leader and a human being when you are living in alignment with your true nature. Invest in being you, encourage your people to do the same, and reap the profits in many ways.