As our world grows increasingly complex, regenerative leadership is a concept taking hold in many spheres, including agriculture, medicine, and business. 

Most companies naturally start by being generative, creating something of value within the larger ecosystem of business. Degeneration can kick in when leaders lose sight of the interconnectedness inherent in today's complex business environment, when purpose gets lost, and when greed overrides goodness. 

The ideal fix to this is regenerative leadership, with a commitment not just to sustain what is, but to improve upon it in a balanced way that uplifts all stakeholders, including our planet. It is a different consciousness, and a prime example of amare business, putting the power of love to work to have a positive, long-term impact. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you value how interconnected your business is with other businesses and systems? 

  • What is your reaction to the idea of running a business that profitably uplifts all your stakeholders in a sustainable way?

  • Are you aware of moving between being generative, degenerative, and regenerative in your approach to leadership?

4 Amare Ways to Be an Regenerative Leader in a Complex World

  1. Think differently. Every day, consider that as a leader you need a level of consciousness that makes decisions with the best interests of people, profits, and planet. Create a simple mantra to remind you of the beautiful interconnectedness.

  2. Prevent burnout. Make policies and reward systems that discourage overwork and support putting in sustainable levels of effort that uplift rather than deplete. Then look at your own work habits in this light. 

  3. Let go of separation. Draw a "boxes and arrows" picture connecting your company with the myriad of businesses and systems you interact with, including natural resources, suppliers, markets, IT, etc. Find gratitude for all these entities that support you.

  4. Aim for full alignment. Ask yourself if your personal values and company values both favor the collaborative and co-creative principles of regenerative leadership. If not, decide what needs to change to achieve full alignment.  

Regenerative leadership means thinking big and keeping long-term impact in mind, with the recognition that you are here to do what's  best for your company and for the world.