Ryan was an accomplished executive doing M&A for a global financial firm. While he was extremely grateful for his success, he knew that particular career was no longer aligned with his life values and higher purpose. That "knowing" was his inner guidance system (IGS) at work.

Ryan pivoted big time and bought a struggling yoga studio. Soon after, he felt his decision was "blessed" when during a leadership workshop he had an experience of profound clarity and total bliss (what he called a "brain-gasm"). He continued to rely on his inner guidance system as he made business decisions and reaped the rewards. (FYI, the rest of Ryan's story and a nine-question "alignment" quiz is in my book The Amare Wave).

We all have inner guidance systems that root us in love (amare). When you tune in, your IGS will tell you when to say yes and when to say no, and will help you stay in alignment with what matters most to you.

  • Do you believe in an inner guidance system?

  • Are you willing to invest time and energy into developing yours?

  • Will you accept the guidance even if you don't like it?

5 Amare Ways to Further Develop Your Internal Guidance System

  1. Shhh. Take a few minutes right now to simply be quiet. Even if you get one only second without mind chatter, that's a success and makes space for internal guidance. 

  2. Practice discernment. Pay close attention to how you make even trivial decisions by noticing the sensations that come with each decision. Note too the sensations you experience when you override the guidance.

  3. Ask the question. When you need to make a business decision, take a deep breath and quietly ask your IGS which way to go. Be patient. Notice too how different it feels to be the asker and the answerer. 

  4. Honor the answer. When you get an answer that you know comes from your internal guidance system, act on it (even if you don't like it). That creates a virtuous cycle. 

  5. Nourish your IGS. Do at least one thing every day that feeds your IGS by putting your mind at peace -- laughing with a friend, a short walk in nature, hugging your kid, etc.

Your inner guidance system is an incredible built-in leadership tool to keep you self-aware and aligned with your highest self as you make important decisions. Commit to the practices above to cultivate your IGS and be the best leader you can be.