"I went totally beyond my usual self, much bigger. I felt so content, like I was part of everything." This is my experience of those transcendent moments - when the boundaries of "you" dissipate, time seems to go away, and you know you are part of a greater whole. No drugs needed.

You've been there, even if just for a fleeting moment. We all have. These vivid peak experiences come with a sense of wonderment and awe, and often a "knowing" that is extraordinary. And they are highly productive experiences that improve our work because they open our hearts and minds to new and grand possibilities, rooted in the uplifting and connecting energy of love (amare). I call them amare moments.

In business, amare moments can be big things like getting a promotion or closing a deal, or little things like seeing the delight of happy customers or having a breakthrough moment in a team brainstorming session. There are countless ways to have these transcendent moments in our personal lives too.

  • When's the last time you had an amare moment or peak experience?
  • Are you willing to have lots more?
  • Do you see their value for your business?


6 Amare Ways to Cultivate More Transcendent Amare Moments 

  1. Look in the mirror. Literally look at yourself. Smile. Ask if you are giving yourself opportunities for amare moments and peak experiences. Then ask yourself what might happen if you were more generous with these opportunities.
  2. >Remember your transcendent experiences. Reflect on when you had amare moments like I described above. Make a list, including those large and small, business and personal. Enjoy the feelings of revisiting those powerful experiences.
  3. Identify what gets you there. Now refer to your list and consider: the environment, your state of mind, particular people, the event or setting; structured activity or loose, planned or spontaneous, alone or with others, brief or extended; based on accomplishing or letting go, doing or being, etc. 
  4. Commit to making more. Write down three things you will do to invite in more amazing and transcendent amare moments - including one simple action you'll take today, one bigger action next week, and an even bigger action next month. Make a note now to repeat step one above, in a month.
  5. Now take it to your company. Look at your personnel policies and what you do to keep people supported and inspired. Have an all-hands meeting to share amare moments and co-create opportunities to make more, including in everyday meetings and offsite adventures. 
  6. Now to customers! Brainstorm with your team and customers on their extraordinary and memorable moments with your company, and how to integrate them into the customer experience, e.g. by going above and beyond, by routinely surprising and delighting, and by consistently showing you care in very small ways. 

Amare love-centered leaders see the value of peak experiences, and choose to cultivate them for themselves, their employees, and their customers.