"Unless you prove it's profitable, there's no way my company will do this Amare stuff." That's what Kenny, a Facebook exec, said to me when I was doing research for my book, The Amare Wave, which is about improving business by putting the power of love to work. 

The business case for the profitability of the Amare approach is clear and compelling (summarized in Chapter 2). But strong evidence, no matter how convincing, sometimes isn't enough. For some leaders, no amount of information will overcome their resistance.

What will? Experience. So consider that route. Believe nothing I've said in the 100-plus issues of this newsletter. Disregard the research in my book, and other books that make the case for love in business. 

Instead, live it. Seriously. Experience it. Then look to your experiences to find the truth. 

  • Are you willing to experience the impact of love on your business?

  • Will you trust your experiences to guide your decision-making?

3 Amare Ways to Experience How Love Impacts Your Business 

  1. Assume convincing evidence. Briefly list all the questions and concerns that come to mind when you think of adopting the Amare Way. Now imagine all of them were resolved to your satisfaction. Notice any remaining resistance. What would your next step be? 

  2. Commit to a 30-day experiment. Every day, plan to do something to experience putting love to work. Put your commitment in writing, to a colleague, to a friend, to me. See if you can stay open-minded throughout and not try to guess or prejudge the results.

  3. Get started experiencing. Do one small thing that lets you directly experience putting the power of love to work. You can act on your own ideas, and choose from hundreds of specific actions in this archive, such as:

    • Start a team conversation with the question: Do we love our customers? 

    • List three ways your company makes the world a little better. 

    • Love yourself, right now, just love you. 

Making a big shift like leading with love may require more than proof of profitability to move forward. Create a wealth of direct experiences to guide your decisions. As you do, keep tuning in to what you are experiencing to be true about the impact of love on you and your business.