New Girls' Networks
Najla Austin
Ethel's Club
She saw the need for an intimate club custom-made for people of color. It opens this year in Brooklyn.
Carolyn Childers
Her global community for c-suite women means it's no longer lonely at the top.
Audrey Gelman
The Wing
She created the leading co-working and community space for women—and inspired others to follow suit.
Lisa Gelobter
After experiencing workplace bias, she created software to report incidents and spot patterns.
Cate Luzio
Creating an inclusive space for women doesn’t mean you have to exclude anyone else, including men.
Amy Nelson
The Riveter
Motherhood spurred her to create an inclusive co-working company.
Leanne Pittsford
Lesbians Who Tech
"The tech industry doesn’t have a pipeline problem—it has an access problem."
Alex West Steinman
The Coven
Because co-working members in the middle of the country need diversity and inclusion just as much as those on the coasts.
Money Movers
Sheena Allen
She is helping people without bank accounts enter the financial system--and go cashless.
Cathrine Andersen
Her software helps businesses shave time from accounting tasks.
Angela Ceresnie
Climb Credit
"Every dollar that we lend out is a dollar going to someone who's looking to better their life."
Jennifer Fitzgerald
She's made online insurance shopping easy, human, and as fun as possible.
Nicky Goulimis
Nova Credit
Moving abroad shouldn't shred your credit history. Her startup helps keep it intact.
Sallie Krawcheck
"You can invest a penny, but I can't get you a diversified portfolio for that. For a dollar, I can."
Ennie Lim
She took on the payday lending industry, bringing affordable credit to those who need it most.
Nichole Mustard
Credit Karma
This San Franciscan has guided Credit Karma's U.K. launch through the craziness of Brexit.
Olivia Ramos
Her A.I. software promises to take some of the cost out of real-estate development.
Shivani Siroya
Her smartphone app has brought microlending to millions in emerging economies.
Dawn Song
Oasis Labs
With her platform, consumer privacy and data sharing can co-exist.
Alexa von Tobel
Inspired Capital
After selling her financial planning company, she's backing tomorrow's entrepreneurs.
Food Revolutionaries
Loren Brill
Sweet Loren's
She makes vegan cookie dough that's safe for consumers with most food sensitivites.
Julia Collins
Planet FWD
Zume Pizza's co-founder aims to produce snack food using regenerative-farming techniques.
Ariane Daguin
Her 35-year-old gourmet meat company anticipated--and shaped--the sustainable, locavore trends today.
Lisa Fetterman
Nomiku Meals
After copycats moved in on her sous-vide machines, she began selling fancy frozen meals to cook in them.
Kellee James
Farmers, bankers, and food companies rely on her agricultural data and analysis.
Christine Moseley
Full Harvest
She created an online marketplace for unwanted but edible produce.
Julia Niiro
"I want to make it as easy to buy from local farmers as it is to book a stay in someone's house or call a ride."
Lisa Sedlar
Green Zebra Grocery
She's making healthy food as easy to find as the local convenience store.
Daina Trout
In 2018 her kombucha became the fastest-growing refrigerated beverage in the U.S.
Fashion Forward
Nadia Boujarwah
She created a fashion brand--and a platform--to support a new generation of plus-size consumers and designers.
Mariah Chase
Walmart paid $100 million for her cool plus-size clothing company.
Fran Dunaway
She's liberating gender norms, one boxer brief at a time.
Sylvana Ward Durrett
With $15 million in capital, she’s curated a one-stop-shopping site for upscale kids clothes.
Melanie Elturk
Haute Hijab
"We needed to show a different image to Muslim girls: You can be successful because of your hijab, and not in spite of it."
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher
She shrank the carbon footprint of a $500 million brand.
Jeanne Foley
The Groomsman Suit
She went direct-to-consumer to hack the wedding suit rental.
Heather Hasson
Last year, medical professionals spent over $100 million on her tailored scrubs.
Christine Hunsicker
With her software, big brands can behave like hand-picked subscription services.
Jennifer Hyman
Rent the Runway
Her $1 billion valuation proves renting fashion is as good as owning it.
Rebecca Lacouture
Evolved by Nature
Chanel backed her silkworm-sourced healthier fabric care.
Sarah LaFleur
Women spend over $70 million a year on her chic, personalized workwear.
Catherine Mahugu
She put the work of African artisans on the covers of American magazines.
Tamara Mellon
Tamara Mellon
This Jimmy Choo co-founder is taking luxury shoe sales direct to consumer.
Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff
She uses her platform as the founder of a $100 million fashion brand to support women-owned businesses.
The Grammy winner is also the first woman to create a fashion house with luxury behemoth LVMH.
Julie Wainwright
Her popular luxury resale site went public this year.
Serena Williams
S by Serena
The spoils of her $225 million tennis empire fund female CEOs.
Science Pioneers
Lisa Dyson
Air Protein
One way to feed the world: edible protein made from thin air. Dyson’s other company, Kiverdi, spun off this one.
Falon Fatemi
Google hired her when she was 19. Other companies now hire her A.I. startup to find the best job candidates and business connections.
Kathy Hannun
Dandelion Energy
She has made geothermal heating and cooling easy to install and pay for--rendering a moonshot technology accessible.
Nicole Hu
One Concern
She uses AI to predict the severity of disasters and help authorities respond.
Juliette Kayyem
Grip Mobility
Her company’s new software makes ridesharing safer by monitoring what happens inside the car.
Daphne Koller
Cutting-edge genome editing and machine learning help her develop drug therapies.
Christina Lopes
One Health Company
She created a genetic cancer test for dogs. The resulting data could save people too.
Daniela Perdomo
She's upending telecom infrastructure by allowing devices to connect without a cell network or Internet connection.
Steph Speirs
"Ultimately, our obsession is: 'how do we make [solar energy] so easy and so affordable that everyone can do it?'"
Melanie Stricklan
Slingshot Aerospace
The 20-year Air Force vet’s startup analyzes satellite images in real time for smarter disaster response.
Andrea Thomaz
Diligent Robotics
She's building robots that free nurses to focus on patient care.
Melonee Wise
Fetch Robotics
She’s making robots to tackle the tedious warehouse jobs that humans don’t want to do.
All Things Consumer
Suzy Batiz
Her product is the answer to a problem that everyone has but nobody wants to talk about.
Nia Batts
Detroit Blows
Her salon doesn't up-charge women of color for having textured hair.
Lindsey Boyd
The Laundress
Looking for luxury in a laundry detergent? She sells hers in boutiques.
Amy Errett
Madison Reed
"I'm hell bent on changing this industry, not just having the best product."
Talia Frenkel
This is L.
Her company, now owned by P&G, makes its period products available to girls and women who once had to do without.
Joanna Gaines
She parlayed a lifestyle reality TV franchise into a home decor empire.
Nicole Gibbons
Her online tool is reinventing the way consumers select and shop for paints.
Shan-Lyn Ma
She's built the second-biggest wedding planning site in the U.S.
Tiffany Masterson
Drunk Elephant
She just wanted her product to be effective. Now she has Sephora's fastest-growing skincare brand.
Mariam Naficy
Forget the big brands. She raised nearly $300 million to license and sell independent art and design.
Ju Rhyu
Hero Cosmetics
She burst onto the acne market with a Korean-beauty–inspired product.
Polly Rodriguez
Getting her woman-first sex toys to market was worth fighting for.
Jen Rubio
She reinvented the suitcase and then sold a million of them. Now her company is worth $1.4 billion.
Jaime Schmidt
She sold her personal care business. Now she invests in ventures of underrepresented entrepreneurs.
Christina Stembel
Farmgirl Flowers
With a lot of pluck, she has boot-strapped her way into the male-dominated flower-delivery industry.
Holly Thaggard
She's leading the mission to end skin cancer with her line of mineral sunscreens.
Trinity Mouzon Wofford
Her line of organic masks and superfood powders is poised for national distribution.
Fitness Nation
Michelle Larivee
She's bringing acupuncture to a new audience: wellness-obsessed millennials.
Ran Ma
"I've had people tell me feet aren't sexy. Diabetes isn't sexy. My definition of sexy is creating a profitable business and saving lives."
Judi Sheppard Missett
She was a pioneer in understanding just how big fitness would become--and has stayed on top of her company for 50 years.
Brynn Putnam
Thanks to her, keeping fit at home is as easy as looking in your (smart) mirror.
Christina M. Rice
She created a social wellness community for women of color.
Katherine Ryder
Her digital health clinic has given two million women access to on-demand health care.
Alli Webb
She's taking her successful Drybar model, of providing expensive beauty treatments at a reduced cost, to the massage industry.
Holly Whitaker
She's brought a new inclusivity--and a raw candor--to addiction treatment.
The Platform Economy
Ishveen Anand
She carved out a niche in sports marketing, a business few women have broken into.
Jaclyn Baumgarten
She's made boat-sharing safe, legal--and possible.
Jean Brownhill
She's simplifying the process of finding a contractor, and closing the gender gap in construction.
Courtney Caldwell
Beauty professionals use her app to find empty space in salons across the country.
Nicole Carter
Diversity Photos
Her company ensures that stock-photo sites represent all the people in the world.
Mathilde Collin
Silicon Valley’s favorite next-gen email organizer has moved from buzz to reality.
Felicia Curcuru
Her software has helped social workers approve foster and adoptive families for thousands of children.
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins
Non-violent offenders under community supervision can use her app to keep track of court dates and stay out of jail.
Dr. Emily Feistritzer
Teach-Now Graduate School of Education
"We focus on preparing tomorrow's teachers for tomorrow's learning world."
Melissa Hanna
"We become that trusted resource where moms can let us know what's going on."
Julia Hartz
She's one of the few female founders in tech who's taken her company public.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
Her ladies-first dating app expanded into networking and now has more than 65 million users.
Marcela Sapone
Hello Alfred
"I'd like for us to be one of the generation-defining companies. There’s never been one run by women."
Maxeme Tuchman
Her app takes some of the sting out of geographic separations by letting you read and draw with your kids online.
Sevetri Wilson
She's bringing automated consulting services to U.S. non-profits
Laura Behrens Wu
Shipping is less of a drag for e-commerce companies that use her software.
Published on: Sep 16, 2019