Are you experiencing trouble making business connections? Your smartphone might help. Are you planning on keeping in touch or are you planning a meet-up? Your smartphone may assist with that, as well. Here are 10 excellent business networking applications:


Meeting other people might be the most difficult aspect of networking. If you are new to business, this iPhone application is going to be your friend. Happening locates upcoming professional events within your locality--you may select as many as you want, and the application is going to store them inside your calendar.


This application is excellent for travel. It utilizes your phone's GPS in order to determine where you are, and recommends popular events, activities, and even restaurants to dine at in the region. Locating a potential partner or client might be as simple as going to a yoga class. No matter where the business takes you, Aloqa is going to assist you in getting the most out of your surroundings. And best of all, it'll work with both iPhones and Android phones.


Blackberry users, for years, were the only proprietors of group messaging. swiftly changed all that--now anybody may join a group chat. The application, which additionally includes photo and location sharing, is available upon all smartphone platforms. However, even contacts that have older phones may participate. As you create a group, the application assigns it a phone number. In order to be involved in the conversation, all you require is texting.


Attempting to meet up with a co-worker who does not reside in your region may be a serious issue. This iPhone app corrects that. Just choose Point A (where you are located) and Point B (where your contact is located), and the application will provide you a list of locations to meet in the middle. Once you have selected the destination, it will e-mail both of you the directions.


Shapr is a new, mobile-only, way to find the right people to network with. Like a matchmaker for professional relationships, their goal is to make it easy for you to grow who you know, accelerate serendipity, and make the connections you need-- through the people you trust. Instead of swimming through a sea of online contacts, or asking for email introductions, users share vetted contacts with others in their network.


Nothing will be more humiliating than not remembering someone's name right after meeting them or upon repeatedly running into them. Thankfully, there is an excellent application to resolve this issue: Namerick. The application allows you to quickly record a name and write down notes concerning that person, like what they are wearing, when and where you initially met, and additional identifiers. You may browse names and notes to remember names, as well.


Pity that suffering introvert who is standing alone in an area full of strangers. Where is a wingman when you need one? Do not allow this to happen to you. Grab Sonar, an application which assist you in finding nearby friends. As you discover yourself alone, fire up the application, sign in through Foursquare or Facebook, and see friends upon your social networks who are close by.


A way to boost your opportunities of meeting like-minded individuals is with Vivastream- a social channel for business professionals. A conference can grow extremely crowded, and Vivastream assists you in filtering and finding people. Merely join the Vivastream network utilizing your LinkedIn profile. Choose tags which best reflect your expertise and interests. You will have the ability to locate other people on Vivastream who are in attendance at the event and have tags that are relevant to yours.


At the conference, it is about exchanging business cards. It meant inputting contact details inside your address book as you arrived home. With CamCard, merely take a picture of the card and you are done. Absolutely, a handful of iPhone business reader applications wirelessly link up phones, yet that seems a bit intimate for somebody you just met. And, it is difficult to refuse this type of a request. Just give me your darn card!


An additional method of sharing contact details is electronically with applications such as Contxts. Contxts, for example, allows you to share contact information rapidly through email, text message, or bump technology (not supported on an iPhone).