In your workplace, do you have a sense of happiness? The latest surprising statistics show that 63 percent of workers aren't engaged in their roles, as well as a further 24 percent of staff actually is actively disengaged at work.

But, there still are many happy workplaces in which workers are appreciated, as well as encouraged to move ahead. Here is a list of the 10 signs you're in a happy work environment:

1. Communication will matter to the entire team.

Within a happy workplace, you rarely will see members of the staff shocked by new ideas or changes they previously did not know about. Communication will be strong, from the leaders to the interns. Everybody is kept within the loop, and the managers are glad to ask their staff for advice and solutions.

2. The objective of the company will matter.

From the team to the leaders, in a happy work environment you'll witness individuals talking about the objectives of the company. Individuals feel thrilled about the team moving ahead, and they always are imagining ways to accomplish the company objectives.

3. You know you're an important part of the team.

There ought to be a feeling in the work environment which everybody there will matter, and that they aren't merely robots sifting through a lengthy task list. You ought to feel as if you're an integral part of the team, with helpful talents and skills making you good at your job.

Though it often is difficult to feel that way in rough economic times, your job still should try hard to make you feel as if you're an important part of the team.

4. Gossip isn't acceptable.

Though it may be difficult to fully stop gossip, within a happy work environment it just is not tolerated. It is not just the team leaders who attempt to shut gossip down, co-workers will be willing to openly solve problems, rather than creating cliques and separating the team.

5. Everybody is open to change.

Amongst the most critical factors of a happy work environment is the capability of welcoming change. The team ought to know that their leaders have the ability to manage change well, and everybody ought to be open to new concepts and ideas.

6. Growth will be encouraged.

In happy workplaces, bosses and team leaders offer everybody the chance to grow and advance. The workers do not feel as if they're trapped in a dead end job, instead of viewing their jobs as an opportunity. From training programs to promotions, the company should be invested in providing staff the opportunity to take on new responsibilities or learn new skills.

7. The mood within the workplace is a positive one.

If you stroll through a workplace that is happy, you'll witness people laughing and chatting. Though everybody is concentrated on work, the room isn't in stony silence, and you're more likely to view individuals smiling than frowning.

8. Turnover is low.

High turnover includes a warning indication of a negative workplace; it oftentimes is a sign that workers are unhappy at work. It might be for numerous reasons, which include long hours, low pay, unhappy atmosphere, or a lack of benefits.

Workplaces that have a low turnover are assign that the workers have excellent benefits, are content, and the opportunity to grow inside the company. Low turnover that have entry level workers in particular includes an excellent indication of a happy workplace.

9. Nobody feels any fear at work.

Within an excellent working environment, no workers are concerned with saying the wrong thing and discovering themselves in trouble. Workers aren't hesitant to voice their concerns to their managers, and everybody feels as if they're able to speak honestly and without fear.

10. Everybody supports one another.

An excellent workplace will make every employee feel encouraged by the additional team members. If somebody applies for a promotion in the workplace, both the team leaders and the team are supportive of the decision.

The workplace ought to be energetic and fun. These 10 signs will more than likely be the envy of the ones who do not see these scenarios within their workplace.