Intrapreneurship is a relatively recent concept that focuses on employees of a company that have many of the attributes of entrepreneurs. An intrapreneur is someone within a company that takes risks in an effort to solve a given problem. Through much research it is becoming well understood how important intrapreneurs are to a successful company. So what should an entrepreneur know about intrapreneurs? Here are 10 key points:

Chirag Kulkarni, the chief executive officer of C&M Group, an entrepreneurial strategy consulting firm focused on growth and new product innovation for startups to Fortune 500s mentions that "intrapreneurs are key drivers of growth in companies large and small, and can serve as excellent managers and people worth developing to later pursue entrepreneurial ventures. If you are looking for individuals with corporate experience for your startup, intrapreneurs are the ones to hire because they understand corporate upheavals, but will still be driven and motivated to work towards growing your company"