Not happy with your salary? These 12 teens who make more than you shouldn't be a sore spot--they should be a source of inspiration. They prove there's no age requirement when it comes to making six figures or more, and are beacons of multi-tasking excellence. Not only are they founding companies, investing and inventing, and running websites, they're also going to school full-time, applying to colleges and still make time to hang out with their friends.

Let these teens be your motivation:

1. Sabirul Islam

At the age of 17 he was touring for his book "The World at Your Feet," but that was only after being rejected by 40 publishers. Finally, he self-published and managed to sell over 42,000 copies in just nine months. The world of self-publishing isn't what it used to be, so writers take note.

2. Adam Horwitz

He launched, "Mobile Monopoly," along with other online courses at 18, and broke the $1 million mark that he had set as a goal. However, he decided to stay living with his parents, since the teen says he's failed over 30 times and he isn't going to let sudden success get in the way of savvy business sense.

3. Nick D'Aloisio

At just 17 years old, D'Aloisio sold the mobile news app he developed, "Summly," for the princely sum of $30 million to Yahoo!. A programming prodigy, he's committed to finishing high school but says he plans to test out of many classes (like those pesky math and science labs). Now, that's how you time manage.

4. Brian Wong

The founder of "Kiip," (a popular rewards platform) made Wong a multi-millionaire at the age of 19. He's already raised over $15 million in funding, scored a spot on the 2011 Dow Jones "FASTech50," list, and is one teen who doesn't have to worry about funding for college. He's been the youngest kid to raise venture capital funding. He also made 30 under 30 by the age of 20 years old.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

While he's not a teen anymore, don't forget that the Facebook co-founder was just 19 when he started (by far) the most popular social platform ever. Now 30 years old, he's the 21st richest person in the US and it's estimated that his net worth is around $34.8 billion.

6. Matt Wegrzyn

Wegryzn is a young investor who scored big with domain investments when he was still in high school. He took those skills to create "," at 17. This business is a hub for selling and buying domains. Basically a domain flipper, he found his niche early.

7. Madison Robinson

Although she was just eight when she dreamt up "FishFlops," and 15 when she made her first million, Madison came up with sea-centric flip flops for kids when she was a child, because she knew what she (herself) wanted. As a teen she has honed her business skills, and has made that skill set work as a business, (with the help of Dad, of course.)

8. Bella Weems

When Weems was 14, she came up with the idea of a direct jewelry sales company, "Origami Owl," which links designers with buyers. Now she caters to thousands of designers and buyers around the country and made $250 million --at the age of 17.

9. Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark

In eighth grade, these BFFs made their own hair ties as a fun way to mimic the styles they saw and loved on "Gossip Girl." Today, A-listers like Jennifer Anniston wear their goods. Now college freshmen, "Emi-Jay," is a multi-million dollar company that's funding these two girls' higher education.

10. Jordan Maron

Maron became famous on YouTube as "Captain Sparklez," launching his channel at 18 years old. He honed his skills in earlier days with the channel "ProsDontTalkSH**." Now he posts videos with song parodies, 'Minecraft'-centric clips, and 'Call of Duty,' episodes.

11. Bethany Mota

This young fashion icon has one of the most popular channels on YouTube with more than seven million subscribers. Her niche: she goes shopping and records it. There's nothing insane, no stylists and no fancy lighting. Did you get that? She just goes shopping...plain old shopping, and everyone loves it!

12. Tim Sykes

Now famous for teaching others how to get rich in penny stock trading, Sykes used his Bar Mitzvah money to turn just over $12,000 into $1.65 million in just three years. Tim rakes in a stack of cash, and has multiple millions under his belt.

These teens certainly have ambition, an eye for entrepreneurship and a pinch of luck. They're proof that success can come at any age, and it's never too early (or too late).

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated Mark Zuckerberg's age. He is currently 30.