All of us have seen people who always are happy--even in the middle of agonizing life trials. I am not saying happy individuals do not feel sorrow, sadness, or grief; they just do not let it overtake their life. Here are 14 things happy individuals make a habit of doing:

1. They appreciate life

Be grateful that you wake up alive every morning. Create a childlike sense of wonder toward your life. Concentrate on the beauty of all living things. Try to make the most of every day. Do not take life for granted. Do not sweat the small stuff.

2. They select friends wisely

You should surround yourself with positive, happy individuals who share your goals and values. Friends who have the same ethics as you are going to encourage you to accomplish your dreams. They'll assist you in feeling good about yourself. They're there to lend a helping hand as necessary.

3. They are considerate

Accept other people for who they are and where they are in their life. You should respect them for who they are. Always touch them with a generous and kind spirit. Help as you have the ability, without attempting to change them. Attempt to brighten the day of all people you come across.

4. They continuously learn

Keep updated on the most recent news concerning your hobbies and career. Try daring and new things which spark your interest--like sky-diving, surfing, or dancing.

5. They solve problems creatively

Do not wallow in self-pity. Right as you are faced with a challenge, prepare to find a solution. Do not allow the set-backs to affect your mood, and instead view every fresh obstacle you face as a chance to make a positive change. Try to go with your gut instinct--it is usually always right.

6. They do what they love

Research has shown that 80 percent of individuals do not like their jobs. No wonder there are so many unhappy individuals around. We spend a good amount of our life at work. Select a career you enjoy--the additional money of a job you hate is not worth it. Make some time to enjoy hobbies and find special interests.

7. They enjoy life

Take some time to view the beauty that surrounds you. There is more to life than working. Take some time to smell the roses, see the sun rise or set with your loved one, stroll along the beach, jog in the woods etc. Try to live in the present and treasure it. Do not live in the future or the past.

8. They laugh

Do not take life--or yourself too seriously. It's possible to find humor in virtually any situation. It's okay to laugh at yourself--nobody's perfect. As appropriate, laugh and then make light of your situation.

9. They forgive

Having a grudge hurts nobody but you. Forgive other people for you. As you make an error--own up to it--and learn from it--FORGIVE yourself.

10. They are gracious

Have an attitude of gratitude. Always count your blessings; even those things which seem trivial. Become grateful for your work, your home, and more importantly, your friends and family. Take some time to say to them that you're happy they're in your life.

11. They Invest in relationships

Be certain your loved ones always know you love them even during conflictive times. Grow and nurture relationships with friends and family by making time for them. Do not break promises to them.

12. They keep their word

Honesty is your best policy. Each decision and action made ought to be based upon honesty. Be truthful with yourself and those you love.

13. They meditate

It gives your active brain a rest. As your brain is rested you'll have more energy then function at a greater level. Kinds of meditation involve hypnosis, yoga, affirmations, relaxation tapes, visualization or merely sitting in silence. Figure out something you love and make time to practice it on a daily basis.

14. They mind their own business

Focus on creating the life you want. Take care of your family and yourself. Do not get too concerned with what others are saying or doing. Do not become caught up in name calling or gossip. Do not judge. We all have the right to live our own lives in the way we intend to--which includes you.