Each year, many entrepreneurs make the decision to start up a new business venture, and many overwhelmingly choose to establish their venture in Mexico City. Mexico City may be most commonly known as the capital city of Mexico, but it also is the largest metropolitan area in the entire western hemisphere. It is home to more than 21 million people, and it has an incredibly diverse economic base and the infrastructure and services that are needed to run a successful business. When you take a closer look at the business culture and incentives available in Mexico City, you will see why so many entrepreneurs have decided to get started with their new business in this area. These are among the top new businesses that have been established in Mexico City recently.


Cine+ is designed to give residents in Mexico City and surrounding areas with an easy way to purchase movie theater tickets through their smartphones or wireless devices from anywhere they have an Internet connection. The app is available for immediate download, and it is affiliated with more than 90 percent of the movie theaters in the metropolitan area. Consumers can use it to research movie show times and to purchase tickets ahead of time. The company is attempting to expand its reach to have full coverage for all movie theaters in the city.


Etraining is an innovative platform that takes a crowdsourcing approach to providing education and training to individuals for personal growth as well as for professional development. It connects you to an extensive range of educational opportunities in various areas and niches, and this includes classroom and online learning options. Many have already taken advantage of the incredible educational opportunities available through the website, creating an established and growing client base throughout the region.


Those who are organizing events in Mexico City and throughout the region are now able to streamline the online marketing and ticket sales process through Boletia. There is no longer a need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort attempting reach the online market because Boletia provides its clients with a convenient way to get the word out about their events and to sell tickets online with ease. With the incredible size of the local community and with Boletia's desire to expand its reach to other markets throughout the region, this is a company that is poised to continue to see growth in the future.


Companies that have struggled with customer loyalty and client retention have a lot to be excited about now that PingStamp is serving their needs. This innovative company has an easy online platform and excellent research and analytical tools and resources available for you to use. It provides its clients with a great opportunity to monitor real time metrics and to review behaviors so that better strategies can be developed. This company has the potential to help many of its business clients improve their abilities to serve their needs.


CoinBatch is bringing more affordable money transfer services to the Mexico market. It utilizes bitcoin processes and technologies that are used in the United States market, but it provides the services to local consumers at a fraction of the cost as charged by other similar companies serving the area. In this way, CoinBatch is poised to compete head to head against more established money transfer service providers, and its low prices may help it to earn a considerable amount of market share in a short period of time.


The majority of startups in Mexico City do falter within the first few years of starting up, and this is largely attributed to poor management practices in some fashion. Facturama offers a full range of services that are designed to help startup businesses improve management practices. It offers a wide range of customizable services to meet the needs of various business types, and it already has helped many young companies find sure footing in a competitive marketplace.

Cotiza & Contrata

Cotiza & Contrata is an increasingly popular website that has a unique platform that has already helped numerous individuals and business owners alike. It serves the purpose of connecting consumers with vendors and service providers who can fulfill their needs. The website has a quote-based system that will help you to save money as up to five vendors and service provides may actively compete for business by providing consumers with different quotes, and it only takes a few minutes of time to request a quote for the services needed.


Rubberit provides consumers in Mexico and throughout Latin America with a unique service with the goal in mind of reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and stopping the spread of STDs in the region. It is a subscription based service that essentially ensures that its subscribers have a steadily supply of quality condoms provided to their door as needed, and the subscription service is available for an affordable price with an easy payment system.


Balam is a new business venture established in Mexico City with the intention of helping both new and established businesses improve analytics and to develop better overall marketing and sales strategies as a result. It offers excellent services for an affordable price that can be used in conjunction with Google, Facebook and other platforms to learn more about consumer behavior and to improve your business strategies and efforts.

Go Venture

Go Venture is an entrepreneurial startup that is focused on serving the financial needs of other entrepreneurs. One of the most significant challenges that startups in Mexico City and throughout the region face relates to finding financial capital, and Go Venture is designed to connect entrepreneurs with sound business principals and pre-seeding funds with additional capital they need to turn their business into a true success.

POP Contacts

POP Contacts gives users throughout the Mexico City metropolitan area, across the country and beyond with the ability to download an effective IOS app that improves contact management and facilitates accessibility of contact data when you need it most. This app serves the important purpose of pulling all of a user's contacts together in one easy-to-use platform. Users no longer have to visit different areas of their phone in order to locate the contact information they need because this app will have all of the information in one convenient location.


Captalog is a startup business venture that is focused on serving the needs of those who use catalogs for any type of sales, marketing or fundraising efforts. It essentially transforms the process putting catalogs in a digital format that is easy to browse through on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, improving your reach to your target audience. This can revolutionize and drastically improve sales and marketing efforts for many businesses and organizations.


EasyBroker is a new CRM website service that is changing the way real estate professionals in the region do business. It works with your new or existing website to help you improve the management of your leads as well as your active listings. Those who are in the real estate industry are abuzz with excitement over how this innovative service is helping them improve business functions.

String Publisher

Those who are trying to find an easier and faster way to create contact for iPads and other hand-held devices are falling in love with the innovative platform through String Publisher. It is designed with a unique drag and drop feature that facilitates the process of creating newsletters, blogs and more. It can be used with pictures, videos, audio files and text to give your finished product a professional look with minimal time and effort required.


Frogtek brings innovative and useful technology to retailers in emerging markets to promote efficiency and to improve their business operations. The service includes the use of a barcode scanner and tablet device that can be used to track inventory, accept credit card payments and complete all aspects of the transaction. This is affordable and simple technology that is improving business operations in emerging markets.

Mexico City is the chosen location for many new startup businesses each year. While not all will be successful, some have truly experienced great results and have received notable attention within a short period of time. Keep your eyes on these startups in Mexico City as well as other exciting ventures that are not included on this list.