London is a city that is truly buzzing with energy, and it offers considerable benefits to young start-up business ventures. From its booming population and diverse economy to the availability of investment capital and even its transportation and shipping solutions, there are many reasons why this United Kingdom city continues to be a hub for entrepreneurial activity. While not every start-up will make, some have truly grabbed the attention of investors and consumers alike recently. With a closer look at the top start-ups in London recently, you may discover great products, services and even investment opportunities to pursue.

London is a popular location for new start-ups to open their doors for business. Countless new ventures have been founded in London over the years, and some have achieved incredible success. There are some interesting and innovative new start-ups that have been formed recently that you may want to pay attention to in coming years.


Lyst is truly transforming the consumer experience, providing services to both shoppers in brick and mortar stores and online shoppers. Its online platform enables shoppers to browse through an extensive range of luxury consumer goods from multiple e-commerce sites. In this way, it simplifies the shopping experience while helping e-commerce sites to improve their visibility. It is linked with both PayPal and Beacon, and it gives in-store shoppers the ability to receive special alerts when they walk close to items that are a great deal or that may be of interest to them. This is an innovative service that is changing the way consumers shop.


Citymapper may appear to be your basic mapping application at first glance, but the Android-based goes a step further. It provides you with valuable, useful information. For example, if you choose to walk, it will estimate the number of calories you will burn. If you drive, it will tell you more about the weather and traffic issues. It also can calculate tolls and fares for you. The company already has received $10 million in investment capital, and it plans to expand into new cities for 2015. This is a company to keep your eye on in the future.


Affectv is a London-based start-up that is focused on helping advertising and marketing firms expand their reach through their efforts. Its platform is designed to better analyze consumer behavior, connections and relationships so that marketers and advertisers have an improved ability to increase visibility in these areas. It has plans to expand beyond London by opening new offices in Germany, France and the Netherlands in 2015.


Blaze is a company that is focused on helping cyclists stay safer while on roadways. Its main product, known as Laserlight, is being distributed through Evans Cycles, and consumers are excited about it. Essentially, the light mounts to the bike, and it projects and electric green light image of a bike in an effort to keep drivers informed of the cyclist's presence. It has received funding from the Branson family as well as Index Ventures, and it plans to become a global brand with expansion into the united and Australia in the near future.


Founded in 2013, Yoyo is an innovative mobile payment app company that streamlines the payment process while also giving consumers rewards points for using the app. Its entrepreneurs have experience working with Barclaycard, Paypal, Zopa and Visa. Currently, its consumers can redeem points for rewards from retailers, and the rewards available are expected to expand in the near future as the company reaches out to more national retailers for rewards.


Those who transfer money internationally will fall in love with TransferWise. This innovative platform eliminates some of the high fees that you may typically have to pay when transferring money across borders. Its platform was launched in 2011, and it has experienced great success. It has been growing between 20 to 30 percent per month, and it now has a mobile app and more than $33 million in investment capital raised. You can visit this website or download the app the next time you need to transfer money internationally to save money on fees.


Bizzby was launched in 2014 with the goal of simplifying how consumers make reservations with service providers. Its app gives you the ability to have service professionals at your door within 30 minutes, and it even includes a convenient payment system. It already has thousands of vendors connected to it, and its revenue is expected to catapult within the next year.


Ride25 is encouraging cyclists to get out of the house and to go on big journeys that they may have only previously been dreaming about. It schedules major expeditions and journeys across Europe, and its rides have already been met with great enthusiasm. Some of its customers have included corporate clients like Google and Vodafone, and top executives from DirectLine and Sony have also signed up.


Many people are already using the services provided byCommuterClub
, a start-up that was established in January 2014. It is designed to give travelers the benefits of a travel card without having to pay the typically high related fees. It also gives them access to exclusive deals and promotions for additional benefits. As travel prices are expected to rise in the coming year and with this company poised to expand into additional markets, this is a company to watch.


Formisimo is a new start-up that is designed to improve businesses' ability to get consumers to complete their online forms. Online forms are highly beneficial to businesses, but many consumers do not start them or abandon them without completing them. This is a unique business platform that offers true benefits to companies, and it has already secured investment capital. It also has clients in 83 countries to date.


MiPic was founded by Carl Thomas in January 2014 with the intention of helping consumers gain better control over the rights to their images. It essentially gives those who publish their own images on social media sites and other venues online with the ability to sell the rights to their images. This venture has already received considerable investments from crowdfunding, and its popularity is expected to grow as mobile technology continues to expand.


Seenit was founded by Emily Forbes and Max Werner in March 2014 with the intention of enlisting smartphone users everywhere as mobile film crews. It provides various companies and brands with the ability to collect footage from individuals and to use it for their own efforts. Companies that work with Seenit include STA Travel and BBC. It is currently in the process of trying to secure a large amount of investment capital through Collider13.


When founder Caner Veli started Liquiproof in January 2014, he wanted to find a way to protect his footwear from the elements and spills. His revolutionary footwear spray is a permanent solution that protects a wide range of footwear without causing damage to the shoes themselves. The company already has a presence in Holland and the United States, and it has secured investment capital and financing.


RefME may change the way individuals use the Internet to conduct research and the way students prepare research papers. It currently has more than 500,000 users worldwide with more than 7,000 different reference styles available to meet all needs. It essentially collects article titles, book titles, item numbers and more while users search online to create a reference list for a project or paper.


There may be numerous websites that provide car buyers in other markets with an easier way to compare the options, Carwow is the only website of its kind serving the United Kingdom market. This start-up serves a considerable need, taking some of the stress and hassle out of buying a car in the UK. It is free to use, and it can help consumers save a lot of money when buying a new car. More than 600 dealerships already are connected with the website, and it has a considerable amount of investment capital at its disposal to facilitate growth.

There may be numerous start-ups in London that will ultimately fail or that may gain little attention. These incredible business concepts are turning heads, and these are some of the top new companies to pay attention to in the coming years.

These are among the top entrepreneurial efforts that have started up in London within the few years. These companies are ones to look for when you need special goods and services, and many will be expanded in the near future into new markets to better serve their growing consumer base. Keep your eye on these and other hot start-ups in the United Kingdom to take advantage of their products and services.