Successful people are not necessarily smarter or luckier than most. They simply understand that, as Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit." Here are 15 things that exceptional people think, say, and do every day to achieve their success.

1. Review goals

Goals are not something that you should review every few years, or even every few months. Exceptional people review short- and long-term goals every day. Life is a daily process that can change in a moment, so constantly reviewing your goals will allow you to quickly make the adjustments necessary to achieve them.

2. Rely on logic and reason

Exceptional people often use the words "Here is what I am thinking." They then present an idea along with the logic and thought processes that support that idea. The key is to offer ideas with an explanation that opens up discussion, not from a position of authority.

3. Admit mistakes

No one is perfect and everyone makes a bad decision every now and then. When you do make a bad decision, realize that you made a mistake and admit it. According to many successful people, admitting you are wrong earns you respect from subordinates, especially if they opposed the decision initially.

4. Praise others

In many businesses, people are quick to point out mistakes but are less likely to point out when someone has done a good job. Praise costs nothing but it is priceless to the person who gets it. Exceptional people take the extra step by letting others know when they have done a good job.

5. Be appreciative

One thing that exceptional people do better than many others is accept compliments well. Although they may think they don't deserve a gift, bonus, or compliment, they respond with a simple "thank you" rather than brushing it off. It is also important to remain humble and give credit for your accomplishments to those who helped you earn them, whether it is a team or partner.

6. "I need training"

Exceptional people realize that they need additional training when something arises that they know little about. Knowing how to do something is much better than knowing what to do. This is beneficial in two ways: You gain additional knowledge, and the person you ask for help learns that you trust their skill, experience, and insight.

7. Love life

Many studies on people who have become extremely successful have found that the majority have a genuine love for life. They look at failures as a way to learn from mistakes and at struggles as a way to appreciate when things go well. They try to live each moment with intensity and believe every moment is worth something.

8. Accept no limits

Exceptional people understand that they are limited only by themselves. People who do not push beyond their own boundaries will never know their true potential. It takes mental strength and willpower to climb the ladder of success, and exceptional people believe that everyone has enough of those traits to succeed. They not only firmly believe in their ability to succeed, they also believe in the ability of those around them to succeed.

9. Value personal time 

People who realize that personal time is important are often very successful. Too often, business owners focus so much on building their businesses, they neglect personal relationships. Exceptional people say that the key is a balance between personal and professional time, which they work hard to preserve.

10. Value people

Exceptional people focus on those they interact with, whether it is asking social media followers for their input or taking a co-worker out to lunch for her birthday. Successful people are aware that those around them help them succeed and they work hard to nurture those relationships.

11. Find purpose in life

Successful people know that their life has meaning and their decisions are based on what they see that meaning to be. Interviews with survivors of the Holocaust have shown that the majority of them survived because they knew they had a higher purpose in life. The same is true of successful people, because having a purpose in life makes you more likely to work toward your goals.

12. Never quit

Extraordinary people never quit when they believe in what they are doing. They don't let obstacles keep them from achieving their goals, and when they do fail, they adjust and continue working toward what they want to achieve.

13. Stay true to values

One thing that all exceptional people say is that they never waiver on their values or ethics as they work toward their goals. They think of their values as instrumental in obtaining their objectives, and they line their goals up with their principles. The principles then influence expectations, which in turn affect their actions.

14. Manage time 

Time management is a critical part of how successful people achieve their goals and objectives. They avoid time-wasting activities and develop systems to avoid interruptions in order to manage time wisely.

15. Focus on the small things

Although it would seem that successful people spend most of their time focused on the big picture, many say that it is concentrating on the small things that most helps them get things done. Little projects progress into big projects eventually, and if you cannot focus on the small things, you will never accomplish the big things.

These are just some of the many things that exceptional people think, say, and do in their daily lives to be successful. By applying some of these daily thought processes to your life, you may find yourself achieving goals more quickly and gaining the success you desire.