"The need to impress others causes half the world's woes. Don't add to them. Be real, not impressive," said the late American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher Vernon Howard.

The need to impress other people motivates our lives. The need to impress other people will impact the clothing we wear, vehicles we drive, careers we select and technology we use.

It often is elusive, unfortunately. Vehicles rust. Technology advances. Fashion changes. The purchases which impressed your neighbors yesterday will not make that same impression nowadays. As a consequence, we'll live our lives with clothing that is outdated, careers we hate, increasing debt, and jealousy toward neighbors who tend to have it all... until this unquenchable need to impress will beg us to start the pattern again.

The fact is we oftentimes look to impress other people in all of the incorrect places.

Take one minute to identify those within your life who really impress you. What will it be about their lives that will inspire you? Create a list. Rarely will it be the size of their house or vehicle they drive. More often than not, those who really inspire us have the intangible, invisible qualities all of us want. Give consideration to this list of methods to impress other people:

1. Become generous.

Provide your energy, time, and money regularly to other people; expecting nothing in return. Giving of one life to another includes amongst the most impressive tasks to do.

2. Laugh a lot.

Become that individual who regularly laughs at other people's stories and jokes. It will concretely communicate that you love life, as well as their company. They will become impressed and you will be a more pleasant individual.

3. Become optimistic.

You should always be focusing on the positive aspects of situations and people. Occasionally you must appear harder than other people, yet you always will be happy that you did.

4. Adore your children.

And by adore your children, I mean really like them, as well. Enjoy spending time with them, being with them, as well as investing within their lives. This adoration toward kids is going to be evident within your life even as they are not around.

5. Become faithful to your husband/wife.

Fidelity in a marriage is too quickly going out of style today. Remain faithful to your significant other. Your colleagues and friends are going to be impressed.

6. Develop strengths.

I'm impressed by great authors, singers, architects, writers, CEO's, speakers, mothers, computer programmers and athletes. There's just one thing all of them have in common: All of them found out their strengths, as well as developed their strengths with discipline. Do the exact same with your temperament and talents. And irrespective of the job you select, you'll impress.

7. Visit the world.

You'll change and become better because of it.

8. Have an appreciation for various opinions.

As there isn't anything incorrect with being dogmatic within your beliefs, an appreciation of how other people came to their beliefs definitely is a positive quality.

9. Adore life.

Do not fall into that trap of living your life like everybody else. Avoid consumerism and television. Discover enjoyment within your life and embrace your passions. Those around you are going to be jealous... and impressed.

10. Encourage others more.

Living life competitively with the ones around you never will impress. Everyone else, after all, already is doing so. Change your world by being totally different. Lift others up and encourage others. The individual who will benefit the most just might be you.

11. Adore nature.

Individuals exhibiting care for their world around them show care for all of humanity.

12. Intently listen.

Focus your eyes. Keep your ears tuned. Keep your phone off. Within a world which cannot move quickly enough, somebody who may discover some time to listen will be as rare as a valuable gem... and more precious.

13. Become modest.

You're unique, special, and gifted. The less you make the effort to inform everybody of that, the more they'll notice.

14. Become content.

Contented lives are admirable, desirable, and enjoyable. The ones who do not have it, want it. And will be impressed with the ones who do.

15. Do not live just to impress.

Instead, strive to live to inspire. Give up the need to impress everybody you come across. However, you should never give up the need to inspire everybody you meet.