Recently, South Korea's technology setting has drawn attention from huge Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, whose founder Mark Zuckerberg visited the country two times in 2 years. Google is within the process of opening a 20,000-sq.-ft. start-up center inside Seoul in order to nurture domestic start-ups as well as provide them more exposure on a global basis.

South Korea's start-ups, in the past, had trouble connecting with users outside of the country. However, the present circle of young entrepreneurs, most of whom studied outside of Korea, are beginning businesses that have global ambitions. They also are getting more assistance from government programs matching private investments with public grants. Here are 22 Korean startups to watch for in 2015:


NPCore's security engine is based on behavior that secures the system before attackers harm the system, whereas traditional pattern based security solutions such as Anti-virus only block previously occurred security attacks. NPCore provides APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) defense solutions not only for enterprise networks (network based solution; B2B), but also for user PCs and Mobiles (end-point based solution; B2B and B2C).


HUiNNO is working to lead the healthcare industry through wearable technology. CIRCLO by HUiNNO is a new innovative smart watch that can measure blood pressure instantly, accurately, and continuously to help manage your health without traditional cuffs.


BLUEPIN provides the Global No. 1 Kids education application service called "Kids WORLD", which is downloaded more than 30,000,000 globally. BLUEPIN provides more than 10,000 contents including premium educational contents by collaborating with key educational content providers and global animation producers. BLUEPIN provides customized Kids WORLD service through Samsung mobile/tablet devices and Tencent platform to provide a top quality application experience to children worldwide. BLUEPIN has also launched an adult learning application service called "Learning WORLD" in collaboration with Samsung.


The company's key strength is in its real-time ray-tracing technology that provides an unprecedented visual graphical experience through reality-like light effect implementation. RayCore (ray-tracing hardware) and RaySound (sound-tracing hardware) constructs the ultimate VR hardware platform that allows real 3D graphics and immersive 3D sound. Siliconarts products are optimally designed to serve VR, mobile, and other embedded applications. Their products are silicon-proven for product license.

ASD Korea

As a professional technology company specializing in cloud service, ASD Korea offers big data and cloud solution for both personal and business purposes. Cloudike is a cloud solution that stores the data in cloud storage through open stack, Mongo DB, and Python. Cloudike gives you the ability to control online management. Some of their clients include LG Cloud, MegaDisk, and Vestel.


Gruter is a major contributor to the Apache Tajo, an open-source SQL-on-Hadoop big data warehouse system. With its advanced distributed processing architecture and query optimization algorithms, Tajo turbocharges query performance and data throughout to analyze massive data workloads. Driven by the core Tajo engine, Gruter has built an end-to-end big data analysis hub, which takes the power and handling of Tajo and integrates it into the daily workflow of the enterprise.


With a mission to efficiently connect the online and offline worlds, Perples has developed SoundTAG (inaudible ultrasonic technology) and RECO (certified iBeacon). These two core technologies can provide O2O services. In the past two years, Perples has built major references with Dunkin Donuts, Daum Communications, GS Retail, and Hyundai Department Store. Potential services include offline data tracking, user authentication, location based advertisements, and mobile payment.


NextAeon's product PanoScape, deals with all kinds of media content including 3D photography and 360 degrees video solutions. They have global partnerships with world leading web companies, Acquia and Commerce Guys, to grow together. With exceptional experience and service, they are dedicated to satisfy their clients, such as LG, Hanhwa, Postech, and other companies throughout the whole project.


Their product, ClearSpeech, is the most powerful accent reduction application. It is developed by speech experts using cutting edge 3D panoramic imaging and audio technologies, including sound evaluation that offers a numerical score of single sounds. Becos is a joint venture with the world's prominent English pronunciation specialists, speech pathologists, and sound engineering experts. They aim to develop and invent new ways to approach English pronunciation, educational contents and solutions.


Stratio launched Short-Wavelength Infra-Red image sensor. Its product enables lowering cost up to 1/1000 and enhancing resolution of sensors.

Inka Entworks

Inka Entworks launched AppSealing, a cloud based service which enables mobile game developers preventing their codes to being copied. Its current clients include Disney, UNITY, and Com2US.


SPIKA launched ShareON, which allows you to quickly and easily share media files with other devices or friends. ShareON enables users to share over 10GB video in a few seconds through direct sharing technology, making the process faster, easier and more secure.


Idecca's indoor positioning solution allows you to find your exact indoor location and customers' actual moving patterns. The technology only needs smartphone sensors which are already embedded in smartphones without additional equipment and attachments like beacon or Wi-Fi.


Sentence launched FRAME, which aims to coalesce the fragmented email experiences. Sentence's first product, SKIP, makes transferring small texts or images between different devices easier.


Reverth launched Lineable, a wearable tracking beacon for children to identify where kids are using Bluetooth 4.0 beacon technology. The company raised US$ 32,619 through INDIEGOGO.


Narantech launched IoT Platform PROTA. PROTA realizes home or building automation, web server or cloud server, and installation or operation of third party apps.

KPOP United

KPO United launched Krowdpop, world's first K-POP concert ticketing platform using crowdfunding. The service identifies where K-POP demands are and offer crowdfunding campaign for fans to buy VIP tickets and to do viral marketing to realize the concert.


Smatoos launched BeNative, which teaches language through video interviews. The service has more than 500,000 downloads and 2 million service subscribers.


Ascan launched Pinenote, which provides larger storage capacity and higher level of security for documents in business environment. With a simple click, Pinenote allows you to create NAS storage or local PC as private cloud.


CLDI applied image recognition technology to fashion industry. The company's technology level on the Deep Learning algorithm is close to a high level of artificial intelligence.


ideabove launched SWIZZLE to help enjoy Youtube music videos using a cloud casting system.

ARA Networks

Internet users can surf the web faster and watch video seamlessly everywhere, anytime with the company's fixed mobile converged cache solution, which provides ROI efficiency by bandwidth saving and QoE enhancement for ISP/telecom operators. They are currently the leader for mobile/LTE cache and new generation telco CDN and the top 5 vendors for web caches in the world. ARA Networks is in alliance with the top-tier customers worldwide by strategic global partners such as SK Telecom, Samsung, HP, NSN in the explosive mobile and video market.

Published on: Jan 22, 2015
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