There has never been a savvier businessman in comic books other than Bruce Wayne (except for perhaps Tony Stark). In addition to his credentials in business, Bruce Wayne has managed to capture the imagination of people all over the world for his personality and persona, as well as the bad guys that he fights. The public face of Batman, however, was a multi-billionaire who ran a successful corporation that seemed to do a little bit of everything. Clearly, Bruce Wayne was Gotham's biggest success story, and there is always something to be said for taking a close look at your competitors and learning from their successes; there is no reason you cannot learn from a fictional character as well so long as the behaviors are still successful. Without a doubt, Batman has a handle on both the crime in Gotham and their Wall Street--so how does he do it?

Diversify Your Offerings, But Have Them Keep A Common Thread

Wayne Enterprises backed research and products for vehicles, foods, shipping, chemicals, and many more areas of industry, however, they all had one thing in common; he could use the research that he gained from them as a means to improve his crime fighting arsenal in addition to turning a profit. This really widened up his target audience and was able to make his company a huge success. You too should offer similar services and products to keep customers wanting more and to promote repeat visits to your business for a good quality variety; just remember that unlike Bruce Wayne, your startup will not have department heads for everything, so you have to maintain some focus on what you are selling instead of being a bit all over the board and loosely tied together with one common goal. It is also important to note that your common goal should not be funding your own private crime fighting operation for moral reasons.

Invest Money Into Solid Industries When You're Turning Enough Profit To Give Some Back

Investing relationships are always going to be beneficial to your business, as having a good relationship with someone that you can rely on will give you a bit of a leg up in respect to your competitors. Wayne Enterprises was primarily a military contractor, which is a fairly stable industry; many startups will not have the money to get into an industry that involves tech as high as this usually does, but they can get into investing partnerships with large software companies and other large consumer companies fairly frequently. These relationships are beneficial for both businesses, so broaching the gap does not have to be an awkward experience.

Have Relationships With Charities And Other Non-profit Organizations

Having these sorts of relationships make customers more willing to visit your stores, websites, and events, however, even though the partnership will bring good tidings to the business, it should not be overlooked that it will also bring good tidings for the charity that has agreed to a partnership with the business. Having charitable relationships makes your business entrenched in the community, which is the best way to connect with your customers when you are just starting out. If you can become a local name or landmark, the success of your business is set and sure. Looking into local chapters of larger charities is always a good place to start, as they are extremely used to doing business partnerships and will make the process a bit easier, but smaller charities can also be a great choice for small businesses. Bruce Wayne had Wayne Enterprises funding an orphanage in Gotham, for reasons that are fairly obvious to anybody familiar with the Batman story. However, the lesson still stands that it is a great business move to make for your long-term posterity.

You should not have any problems navigating the business world if you remember to employ these three points at the appropriate times, and the best part about weaving these tips into your business's operation is that now you will have the added bonus of feeling like Batman during your work day. You are the night.