You can't have marketing--digital or traditional--without solid content marketing. However, it takes the right tools to really make the kind of impact you're after. With so many content marketing tools on the table, how can you tell which one's the right fit for you? It's all about matching the details with the best practices of digital marketing.

Sound overwhelming? Don't worry--the research, often called, 'grunt work,' and testing has already been done for you. Sit back and check out the four content marketing tool must haves that will take your digital marketing to the next level:


Studies show that users want more and more short video clips, infographics, memes, photos, and other visuals online. In other words, they're getting totally tired and even bored with blocks of text, (blame MTV culture if you must.) As a digital marketing and content creator, this means you have to give the people what they want. This can be done "easily" with, '' It's your cheat sheet to creating infographics in seconds that look stunning, abide by the latest digital marketing best practices and trends, and basically makes you look like a content marketing pro without the need of a graphic design degree.

2. AcroLinx

Consistency is key with your content marketing, and AcroLinx instantly makes all of your content inspiring, and more clearly understood. AcroLink will help you makes sure that your language problems are corrected, while simultaneously analyzing your writers' products for style, SEO and tone. You have branding and company standards--and your content marketing needs to reflect that. Ultimately, that's what's going to drive your digital marketing efforts. If your content marketing looks inconsistent and unreadable, that screams unprofessional and will confuse your audience.

3. Convert

Ever wondered what the trick is to "convert" your readers from passive viewers to actual customers or clients? With, 'Convert,' software, you get insights via A/B testing that tell you which content your website visitors like the most (where they spend the most time), so you can fine tune your content marketing and create more effective future content. This ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and streamlines your digital marketing efforts.

4. Scribit

Is your content marketing based more on existing content rather than pieces you create from scratch? You're a curator, not a content creator, and that's all fine and well--as long as you're curating the right stuff. With Scribit, you can instantly search for the most relevant content, track conversions as you go, and rely on a single curation platform to boost your digital marketing efforts. Scribit can help you find fresh ideas to use to write your content marketing. It helps you see ways that you can create content that will promote your company.

Content marketing is a key part of digital marketing, and if it's not done well then you're fighting a losing battle. Make sure your content is on point, and your overall digital marketing efforts will follow suit.