Check out these four Kickstarter campaigns which are going to change the lives of tomorrow:


Violet is a wearable device which will track a person's exposure to the sun.

Violet will sync with a smart phone in order to alert you as you should re-apply sunscreen, go inside, or move into a shaded area.

Violet includes the initial wearable device which offers tailored user guidance upon optimal sun exposure. Syncing with a mobile phone application, the device will monitor your real-time ultra violet exposure, will alert you before the measured ultra violet dose approaches the limit, and will calculate your day-to-day natural production of vitamin D. By measuring beneficial and detrimental effects of ultra violet light, this device assists in achieving optimal sun balance.

Increasing proof has exhibited that vitamin D is critical for excellent overall health. A multitude of research has linked vitamin D deficiency to a number of diseases, which include cancers. Your body may make its very own vitamin D as you expose the skin to sunlight.


Hoverbike is a completely operational hoverbike.

Hoverbike is currently providing this 1/3-scale version, yet has hopes to soon sell one which individuals will have the ability to utilize for transportation.

It's the result of years' worth of R&D. The company mixed the freedom of a helicopter and simplicity of a motorcycle in order to develop the globe's initial flying motorbike.

As compared to a helicopter, it's less expensive, easier to use and more rugged- and will represent an entirely new way to fly. It flies like a quad-copter, and may be flown manned or unmanned, while remaining a safe--low level aerial workhorse that has low continual maintenance.

Solarpod Pyxis

Solarpod Pyxis is an amazingly quick solar USB charger.

Solarpod Pyxis just requires one-and-a-half hours in the direct sun to have an adequate enough amount of power to completely charge a phone. Also, it is able to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

Individuals seldom do get the most out of their mobile devices because they do not want to drain their battery. Utilizing wearables, bluetooth speakers, enabling location services, as well as firing up the 4G LTE saps the battery in no time. God forbid they do all these things at one time. So they turn off all of those goodies and then dumb down their phones in the process. That isn't acceptable.

The answer includes carrying around a battery pack in order to recharge your mobile devices. However, it's one more device we must remember to charge. What the inventors wanted was a battery pack which had the ability to charge itself with solar power. However, they did not want it to take several days to do this.

With this objective in mind they set about making the Solarpod Pyxis. They began with a 5,000 mAh hour battery; therefore, they had an abundance of juice. Then they paired that with 3 monocrystalline solar panels. It provided them a complete amp charge in order for them to fill the battery from empty to full within 4- hours within the direct sun. Solar panels are extremely efficient as you consider that it takes four hours to charge the battery through USB. See more information here

TOC Go Bag

The TOC Go Bag is the ultimate pre-packed disaster bag.

This bag has everything you will require after suffering a natural disaster, and will include an in-depth handbook which explains when and how to use each product.

Placing together an excellent disaster bag is something that has been on everybody's to-do lists forever, yet it never seems to get accomplished. Therefore these inventors have designed one for you!

After a natural disaster it will take around 3 days for rescue services to get to you. This Go Bag is going to keep you comfortable and safe until the rescue team arrives, and is going to permit you to handle all emergencies.

Beginning in the middle of the year 2012, these inventors had more than 100 meetings with first responders, physicians, emergency medicine experts, and members of the Special Forces in order to refine the design of the Go Bag. See what's inside the bag here