With Thanksgiving right around the corner, all of us are honing our organizational skills and looking for ways to be more productive, not just at home on Thanksgiving day, but in the office, as well.

Remaining productive in the workplace is difficult for most of us. Not because we are not able workers, and not because we aren't breaking our necks trying to get things accomplished. Occasionally, remaining productive at work is difficult because the strategy we have set for ourselves to manage our time merely is not working. Here are 5 productivity tips:

Make the inbox work for you

One main productivity killer is not organizing your email inbox. As your inbox becomes a mess, you wind up wasting time later attempting to hunt for critical emails that your coworkers or boss are breaking down your door about. In order to make your inbox simpler to manage, develop folders for the variety of projects you need to handle. You should flag vital messages or develop a 'Follow Up' folder for crucial emails which you send and receive. Placing essential sent messages within that folder, or flagging them utilizing your email portal's tools, is going to remind you to follow up upon the task in the instance a recipient forgets to respond. Go through the 'Follow Up' folder at the minimum of one time per week to ensure you are remaining on top of your game.

Sustain a to-do list

It sounds easy enough, yet it is simple to allow even your basic to-do list to become too much to deal with. If you are managing several projects with a multitude of to-dos for each one, make a master task list and then separate it into sections that are based around the projects you are managing. Each day, identify the most vital aspects from all sections and place them on a different to-do list for that day. Only add things to the day-to-day to-do list which you know you actually are going to have the ability to finish. Being able to finish all your assigned tasks is going to keep you more motivated all throughout your day, make you feel accomplished as it is over and, eventually, assist you in getting more accomplished.

Allot a specific quantity of time to respond to emails

All of us have been there--you have a huge to-do list, yet you keep getting distracted because different emails keep pouring in, or you get baited into answering those you did not get to yesterday. According to Maitland Greer, Sr. marketing director at Manilla.com, a billing management service, as you ought to be mindful all throughout your day of key emails as they arrive in your inbox, it is important that you set apart a specific quantity of time every morning and every afternoon to go through the emails. Consider it as an additional item you have to place on your to-do list. This way, answering email does not distract you from the remainder of the tasks you must finish that day.

If it takes under 30 seconds, DO IT!

I cannot tell you how many times I have written, 'Send an email to such and such,' or 'Follow up with such and such,' upon my to-do list, then it sat there for a while. When I, at last, go to finish these chores, they take under 30 seconds; therefore, what was I waiting for? It is simple to overlook the easy, quick to-dos, and it is typical to think, I do not have time to do it because I must get this bigger project accomplished first. However, the fact is, getting the smaller chores done permits you to cross more off the to-do list, making you feel more productive, as well as providing you more motivation to get these more time-consuming tasks completed. The rule you should live by? If the chore takes under 30 seconds to accomplish, do it!


Becoming productive does not mean working 6 consecutive hours without having to leave the building. Breaks include a vital portion of remaining productive because they permit you to get away from the office and clear your head. Specialists note that after taking your break, your performance levels rise because you go back to an activity with a fresh mind and renewed vigor.