The way that you communicate in the business world is through your brand. It's what speaks to your customers and investors and allows them to get a better understanding of your company and the products and services you offer. Branding is something that has to be done subtly and by those who truly know what they are doing--there is a little bit of art involved, a little bit of psychology, and a little bit of bare bones business that goes into it, which makes branding something of an art form. The following are five ways to enhance your branding and really make a mark on your customers--and the market as a whole.


In order for a brand to have staying power, it needs to remain adaptable. Brands that have logos with a dated air to them will never stick around for long in a world that is changing more and more rapidly every year. Having something that is simple, clean, and leaves room for embellishment when need be is going to be a brand that sticks in the minds of customers and has the staying power that every business seeks for its image and public persona.


Above all other things, your brand needs to be memorable. Everybody can tell you what the company attached to "Just Do It" is. Having a simple, memorable slogan like that will be what sets your business ahead if you decide to go the slogan route with your branding (not every brand has or needs a slogan). Even the logo for your brand needs to be memorable and unique--trying to piggyback off of the success of other popular logos will just lead to your brand being forgotten in the shadow of the established brand with that logo.


The brand needs to be connected to what the business actually offers. The brand needs to be something that customers can touch on and identify with, and something that clearly conveys what the company will provide for the customers through imagery and atmosphere that the brand's logo, slogan, and other marketing materials provide. This needs to be something that gives an authentic representation of the brand's attitude and public goals and maintains the other important parts of branding at the same time (one of which is simplicity). Choosing a logo or a slogan for your brand should not be done offhandedly, as you will need to stick with it forever.


In order for your brand to stick in the minds of your customers, there is going to have to be something about it that is likeable, even if it is on a subconscious level. Having linguistic elements like alliteration and rhyming will make your name easier to stick in the mind. Tying your name to a popular concept or having it be a play on words is another good way to get it to make an impression upon your customers.


Given that some of the largest portions of the market are growing foreign marketplaces, you should keep in mind the translation of your slogans, advertisements, and name into different languages. Inherent meaning can easily be lost in translation, so to avoid marketing faux-pas (the Mexican marketing of the Chevy Nova comes to mind), so settle on something that can easily be ported to another language or country and still works as effortlessly as it did in your native language. This kind of preparation can only help your business in the long run, as adaptability to different markets will give you more of an advantage over your competitors than anything else.