There are good CEOs and then there are great CEOs. There are plenty of things that separate the two and are hallmarks of brilliance over your everyday competency. These sorts of traits are traits that inspire employees and customers alike and drive sales, success, and passion without you even knowing that they are doing it. The following five traits are some of the best things that you can do to be a better CEO, starting with...

Have A Good Game Face

You are going to need to be the person that not only keeps the company vision and pushes forward in good times, but the person that takes on the pain and stress of failure and hard times for your team. After all, it is going to be difficult for your team to put on a good face and positive outlook if you are outwardly showing all of the difficulties that the business is facing at the time.

Know When To Ask For Advice From Others

People respect leaders that know that while they are the leader that they are not an expert on everything. Knowing when to defer to one of your team members will not only show respect for them as a worker and an expert in the area that you are asking for help in, but it will also help to show your workers that you are humble and know that input from multiple people is more likely to lead to success than an iron-fisted dictatorship.

Be The Strongest Link In The Chain

Your business is not only connected to your customers, but to your investors. In order to maximize your success, you are going to have to be the best part of that money chain by representing yourself to your investors and your customers as someone that can be trusted, someone that cares, and someone that is overall a superstar at what they do. If your investors see this in you, they may invest more into your business, or will keep you on their portfolio from year to year. When your customers see this in you, they will be more willing to buy from you more frequently, as an ethical businessman is one of the most attractive things in today's market next to a great product.

Be Able To Learn What Is Going To Work

A lot of the time, no experience as a CEO is preferred to having prior experience. After all, with prior experience, outdated business models and practices that do not work can often be ingrained in you. Even if you have prior CEO experience, many times, learning how to do your job all over again is necessary, and always encouraged so that you can stay current and flexible with your business practices, which is going to provide you with the most success.

Have Achievable Goals In Place

The sky is the limit when it comes to your business, but in order to get there, you have to be able to take realistic steps. Telling your team that you want profits that normally come from a well-established business is not going to be a realistic business model, nor will it serve to motivate your employees, as having an impossible standard almost always leads to discouragement within your team.