We live in the information age, and because of this, tech startups are some of the most promising ones to keep an eye on. These startups truly innovate to bring us better solutions to problems that arise both as a product of the information age and advancements in the technology field. The best part about tech startups is they are the great equalizers of our time.

Anybody can utilize technological innovations to create a business and focus on solving problems for consumers, even if the entrepreneur did not invent it. The flexibility of tech has shown us time and time again that given more tools, human innovation can cross previously insurmountable obstacles to create new and creative solutions. Today, business owners all over the world are creating new technologies for less thanks to open source software and the capability of people to work together from anywhere in the world.

The following five tech startups deserve your eye in the near future, if only just for the fresh new perspective they bring.


Education, while exceedingly important for anybody to get ahead, is particularly important on the African continent for those who are looking to shuttle the fast-growing economies in every region of the continent. Instead of being the single-story impoverished whole that Africa has come to represent in the cultural subconscious for many Americans, each region has its own burgeoning industries and emerging leaders poised to become world leaders in the near future. In this vein, Kytabu, a Kenyan startup, has sought and succeeded in digitizing many textbooks used in education systems in the country. It allows users to buy portions of a textbook or an entire textbook on their mobile platform of choice, making education affordable for those who seek it.


The cost of catching a cab can be outrageous. Today's world, where everyone is connected by the same technology, has allowed wannabe entrepreneurs an entire new market to break into. Lyft drivers technically do not make a wage giving their rides, as that would be illegal. Instead, they offer their services online for tips. It provides a cheaper alternative for those who are looking to catch a cab and do not want to have to pay an exorbitant amount. Lyft also offers a means with which to make the streets just a little bit safer by helping keep drunk drivers off the road.


While there are many mobile payment options for merchants to choose from, Square sets itself apart by being a fresh new tech startup out of the Silicon Valley that has already been able to acquire Starbucks as its first huge client. The payments through Square are secure and fast, and allow both buyers and sellers to rest easy knowing that their transaction has been a smooth one. Though they do have Starbucks as a client, Square has focused on providing services to mom-and-pop type establishments that cannot afford another merchant processing service--a tech startup with a sense of business ethic that does not want to forget where it has come from is a company to watch for sure.


Since the African continent has a rapidly growing economy, demand for products is going through the roof. However, since the continent as a whole is still developing, the infrastructure to get products to consumers is not always there. Enter MallforAfrica, a service that allows people to order products from retailers in the US and in Africa to be delivered to their home or a pickup location, if home delivery is not possible.

New Relic

Cloud sharing and storage is all the rage, given that most computing is done from mobile devices, which usually do not have much storage space. New Relic offers cloud storage that puts other businesses to shame by bringing a holistic approach to its company, which is inspired by Apple, where New Relic's founder, Lew Cirne, used to work as a software engineer. Through New Relic apps, you can manage your performance at any place at any time.

These are some of the hottest startups in tech that I've seen in the past couple weeks. What other hot startups have you seen in the past few months?