Black Friday (Friday, November 28) will be the hottest shopping day of the year within the U.S. and your startup has the chance to participate. Whether your company is a local restaurant, complex B2B software provider, or retail store, you may take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Monday, December 1) hype. Here are 5 email marketing tips:

1. Discount in order to drive engagement

Consumers have come to expect huge discounts on Black Friday.

Assessment of your consumer behavior in 2013 is going to show you which offers and products created the highest demand online.

Armed with such knowledge you're able to develop email offers surrounding products you understand will drive engagement on emails, drive website traffic and drive sales revenue which includes sales that are non-discounted.

2. Build anticipation

A brief drip campaign that leads up to and on Cyber Monday and Black Friday will assist in driving your message home.

Instead of focusing on re-mailing non-openers using the same message, think about developing an email marketing automation plan which delivers a sequence of various subject lines and messages to assist in building customer anticipation prior to the event.

Consumer's online take a commando approach to the introduction of heavy discount sales such as Black Friday. They will research the top deals and offers in advance, go to many websites and be prepared to strike and obtain the deal they want upon that day.

Use your email automation plan to feed this necessity. Make it simple for consumers to include your offers and your brand in their reconnaissance.

3. Encourage opt-ins

Constructing a Black Friday email alerter list is going to deliver you a ready-made engaged customer and prospect database who have a desire to take advantage of the Black Friday offers.

The good news is there still is time to do it. This checklist is going to aid you in getting the process in place:

Change your signup forms and banners on your key traffic pages and homepage on your site to promote the Black Friday email alerter

You should spell out the advantages of signing up: that is, subscribers are going to be the first people to know of subscriber-only deals and limited time offers

Develop a dedicated landing page to sign up, with a web form which populates the email list in the email marketing platform

Utilize email now, in order to drive prospects and customers to your signup

Utilize social channels and paid search to drive signups to the dedicated Cyber Monday and Black Friday email sign-up page

Here is the first benefits of opting consumers into this unique email conversation: you may make them feel special within your emails, offer customers early-bird discounts, exclusive previews, and subscriber-only offers. And as subscribers feel special, they're more likely to engage.

Furthermore, you may customize the subject lines around the truth that you are conversing with a unique group, and drive greater open rates.

Not only that, yet you will decrease your unsubscribe rates and support inbox deliverability rates, due to your emails being relevant and requested.

4. Be personal and relevant

You will be facing a highly crowded inbox on those days that lead up to and over Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Now includes the time to concentrate more than ever on making sure your delivered email messages are relevant and personal.

The initial thing you should recognize is that customers rely upon email to keep them updated with Internet shopping offers. Therefore, the messages are going to be welcomed, so long as they're relevant.

Keep in mind that it's the holiday gift purchasing season, therefore meet the customers' needs by customizing the email content around gift guides and gift ideas.

At the same time, do not overlook customers' propensity to buy for themselves as discounts are on offer.

A different email conversation surrounding 'treating yourself', and based upon prior purchase behavior ensures you have both of your bases covered.

5. Underline subject

It's a busy time and an inbox might look like this:

Utilizing key words which include 'Cyber Monday' and 'Black Friday' might assist your emails in standing out, as might the usage of symbols.

Targeting key words within the subject line for relevancy definitely helps. If you are segmenting your market and email for maximum relevancy, do the same with the subject lines and key words included in them.

Think about personalization using location, first name, nearest store, or additional key data you hold.

Above all, split test the subject lines all throughout the holiday email program in order to optimize and hone your response metrics.