A fresh start and a new year for your business is right around the corner. Each January, 45% of adults in America make a resolution to better their lifestyle or themselves. For the year 2015, rather than promising to eat better or lose weight, make the New Year's resolution about improving your company. Not certain what you ought to resolve to improve upon? Here is a list of 6 New Year's Resolutions you should make now for your business:

Start Accepting Mobile Payments

There are emerging mobile payment technologies: Google Wallet and Apple Pay. That technology, in 2015, will be increasing. It will mean that your small business ought to quickly adapt as credit card payments start to make their way out. Digital payments may be puzzling to the ones who are not familiar with the process, therefore training your team is going to be critical. If you own some retail space, you'll have to offer sensors while checking out. Entirely getting rid of physical registers isn't yet an option, yet updating the payment system to accept mobile payments is essential.

Content Marketing Strategy

In terms of marketing, was 2014 a success? In your marketing efforts, what failed and what worked well? Ninety-three percent of marketers currently are making use of content marketing. In order to make strides within this area, it's vital that you make an editorial calendar to share and schedule content. But, make sure not to plan too far ahead and make a plan which has the ability to evolve as you execute. You should pay attention to what your target audience strays away from and what they respond to. The content must tell a story and directly lead to sales. To ensure this new process runs smoothly, think about bringing in someone who shows an interest in studying marketing.

Get Familiar with the Cloud

Alongside content marketing and mobile payments, Cloud technology also is exploding. The Cloud will refer to a centralized location online which stores information that's accessible all the time from any device. The main benefits include decreased cost, automation, flexibility, and easy access. If your company expands at a fast pace, the Cloud may change and grow as your company does. It'll save your business cash because you'll be saving with the Cloud opposed to physical storage. If you have a company which requires sharing links and files, it'll make sharing and maintenance simpler. If you adopt the Cloud, be certain you back up the data and edit the privacy settings if you have preparations to share links or documents with workers.

Make Customer Service Your Main Priority

Even though this ought to be a priority each day of the year, showing how much you love your customers is vital to long range loyalty. Customer service may make or break relationships with customers. Take advantage of new technology in 2015 such as the Cloud and mobile payments to function more efficiently. Make it your resolution and goal to be closer to your customers and develop more methods of engaging with them such as making strides to become more available upon social media and checking review websites.

Create an Email Marketing Plan

This does not need to be as difficult as it sounds. In my column I provide lots of tips for setting up automated emails which need very little maintenance on your part. If you do not have an automated email marketing plan established, the New Year includes an ideal opportunity to turn things up a notch. Attempt to set up a virtual negotiator campaign or dedicate yourself to automatically following up upon abandoned carts. You will be amazed at your results.

Begin a Blog

It seems as if it might be a daunting task to begin a blog and keep it up-to-date with relevant content. In reality, creating even a very short blog which you update one time per month may have a huge payoff for little work. Blogs will create more content that have keywords relevant to your business for the search engines to latch onto. They provide your customers crucial updates concerning what is going on in your industry and your business. Blogs also can be an excellent method of promoting special offers or new products.

Published on: Jan 6, 2015