Every entrepreneur needs a solid set of tools to conduct their business with. However, many will spend quite a bit of time looking for the perfect tool for them, usually falling into a trap of not knowing which tool is the best to grab. We have done you the favor of going through that entire process by curating five of the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs to use. These tools will not break the bank, and you will find that they make your business run smoother than you could have imagined, allowing you to focus on other aspects of operations that require your attention.

Google Voice

Google Voice provides you with a free phone number that you can use as a business line--talk about not breaking the bank! This phone number can be forwarded to any other number that you would like, including your cell phone and home phone number. You can even set up a distinct voicemail account for the phone number so that callers think that it is strictly a business line. As far as call forwarding is concerned, there is no better option on the market.


A web presence is crucial in today's marketplace, and the best way to achieve that online presence is through WordPress. WordPress makes publishing fast and easy. Their websites are 100% customizable, and provide outlets like a blogging platform that allow you to connect with your customers. WordPress is definitely one of the most highly used platforms for a small business's web presence for a reason.

Google Alerts

You will find that the longer you investigate productivity apps that Google has many of its competitors easily outdone for ease of use and price tag. Google Alerts is another free service from the technological giant that allows you to keep a tab on your web presence and your competitors by tracking analytics for search terms on the ubiquitous search engine. You can track where you have shown up on blogs, social media pages, and much more.

Intuit Quickbooks

Everybody will need to track their cash flow, and Quickbooks is the most used software for the job for a reason. The price tag is low and it takes care of most of your accounting for you. Quickbooks can easily handle the accounting for many small to medium sized businesses without necessitating hiring an accountant for your business, saving you quite a bit of money overall while providing a necessary service for your business.

Sweigh, Inc.

It's not an app. It's not a website. It's both, and in the same way there is an evolutionary leap taking place within modern entrepreneurs, so is there a beautiful marriage happening in the digital landscape. Sweigh is that old meets new, public meets private, citizen meets professional. For the entrepreneur, the infinite ability to weigh out the sentiment of users on Sweigh, whether immediate or strategically executed over time is priceless. Sweigh not only allows you to discover how people feel about an immediate product or service, but can behave as a think tank, a focus group--private or open to the public--that can garner invaluable information prior to concept on what the next step will be for your business. And the best thing is,, in a world where we are now becoming so hesitant to participate for fear of reprimand, sweigh let's the company or the user anonymity in the eyes of the public. That is how you break the black box of transparency, without jeopardizing privacy. Chris Monteleone is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Sweigh: "What we are trying to do is create a strategic marketing platform disguised as a consumer app."


Social media marketing is really important for businesses nowadays, with more and more time being spent online instead of watching television. However, if you have multiple social media accounts for your business, which you should, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. However, with this productivity tool, you can keep track of all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard, making posting and keeping in touch with your customers a breeze.