Getting press for your business is a great way to get more customers in the door. After all, publications writing about your business are usually reputable and have a large reader base, leading to customers that will trust your brand and definitely buy. However, getting the press to notice your business can be quite a task for a startup going up against giants that are established and already have a reputation that is press worthy. Here are some ways that you can get the press to write about your business and spread the word of how great your business is.

Have a great story

People love stories and journalists love to be able to share stories. Make sure you can tell your story well and convey what problems your company solves, practice telling it to friends. You need to be able to give a short version that you can pitch quickly as well as have a longer version if they ask for it. Each journalist writes for a different publication so you need to make your story to fit the journalists audience.

Start Getting To Know Journalists

Put yourself out there to meet journalists that cover the field that your business is in. Attend networking events and be a casual attendee to them. Instead of pitching your business, grab their attention by treating them like another person at an event and come armed with interesting topics to talk about. These will hopefully give them some ideas and put you at the forefront of their mind when it comes time to write a story. Find out what they want and give them something of value.

Publish Your Metrics

Have metrics about your company readily available online, as well as metrics about the industry that you are in and metrics that tie your business into the industry. Journalists always need data to source their claims in their work, and if you have readily available data then you will be more noticeable to them. This is also a great way to make your business shine, as comparing your business to the industry standard will put your business in the limelight while providing statistics that journalists can use for more than one story.

Utilize Social Media To Talk To Journalists

Proper use of hashtags on sites like Twitter will be the surest way to talk to journalists all over the world. After all, they have to find their stories anywhere, and industry chatter on Twitter is aplenty within the hashtags that apply to whichever industry that a business is a part of. It is not hard to join the conversation; just start tagging your posts and get to replying!

Have a gathering at your office

Advertise in the correct circles and offer some food to eat and a few drinks just to get a conversation going. Networking is always very important, and providing these sorts of events will make everybody happy by making new connections that can lead to future prosperity.

Have some sort of informal newsletter for journalists

You can even include other industry professionals on this list. Have it set up so that when you make a particularly good blog post or offer that these people will be able to see it. Do not inundate them with every post that you make or sales pitches, but give them good content that they are going to want to see. If your content is interesting and sharable, they will be sure to give it a click and see where it goes. Make sure to ask if they want to be on the list and make sure it is very good content.