It will happen to anyone. You begin your work day knowing what you must accomplish by quitting time, yet at 5, you have not nearly achieved as much as you had planned. Being productive will be more than merely checking boxes off on your to-do list. It is bringing your best and full energy to the time you have to perform your work well. As you cannot take tasks off your plate, these energizing tips are going to make you more efficient--as well as provide you additional time to accomplish the things you enjoy.

Bring work to the coffee shop

And don't do this because of the caffeine-packed coffee on offer. Moderate noise, like the mid-level buzz inside bustling coffee cafes will enhance performance on creative activities more than loud or soft ambient noise. And, being with other customer's increases oxytocin, which reduces the stress hormones which lead to mental blocks. This scene change restricts distractions which are more than likely to come up at the office or at home.

Cut workday short

As you have all of the time in the world, you'll take more time to accomplish tasks. Time budgeting will do the exact same thing as money budgeting--it'll force you to be efficient. Winding up your workday just 30 minutes early one time per week will pressure you to become productive, as restrictions assign a deadline for goals. Cannot exit early? Arriving later on in the morning may have a similar efficiency-boosting effect.

Don't multitask

There is a myth that we get more accomplished as we accomplish more at one time, yet multitasking is actually counterproductive. As you go from task to task, you disrupt brain functions. In addition, multitasking will add stress and increase toxic hormones like cortisol, which will cloud thinking and may damage brain cells. It may take up to twenty minutes in order to recover from a change in attention, and waste both energy and time. To overcome this, clear your desk in order for only one activity or task to be visible at one time.

Exercise before going to work

You might think better for 2 hours following aerobic activity, as more oxygen and glucose will get to the brain. Therefore, going to the gym prior to travelling to the office may begin your work day on a more productive note. However, do not stop moving as you are at work. Do a couple of jumping jacks inside a closed conference room prior to a critical presentation or walk around in your office while in a phone meeting because your brain enjoys it.

Beat the clock

Competition is an excellent motivator, therefore setting a timer--even for a mere ten minutes--may increase productivity. Also, playing race the clock quashes procrastination, as ten-minute blocks tend to be less overwhelming than a whole project. Working in a sprint mentality allows us to fully focus for brief time periods, then recover in order to recharge our battery. Therefore, schedule a couple of minutes to transfer out of task mode prior to going ahead to the next task.

Carry around a notebook

Mental to-do lists may lead to brain drain. When you jot down chores, ideas, or items, you push that concept out of your mind, freeing up some memory for those things you must concentrate on at the present. Though there will be more high-tech means, data in a notebook never will be accidentally erased or deleted.

Eat berries

All types of berries, particularly blueberries, will contain antioxidants which may improve motor coordination and memory and counteract function-inhibiting, cell-damaging stress. However, do not just consume berries--have a snack every few hours with an adequate amount of protein to overcome the blood sugar drop fruit by itself may cause.

Play brain games

As with all other muscles, the brain requires exercise. Think about playing games which build creativity and focus or maximize your ROI (return on investment). Beginning the day with Sudoku or crossword puzzles ought to kick start cognitive activity. Do not overtax the decision-making or creativity or prioritizing capabilities needed for work. You do not want to lift up heavy weights just before playing the Super Bowl. However, warming up is not a bad idea.