Exceptional people look like average, everyday people, really no different from anyone else, and yet they are viewed differently from those regarded as just "ordinary." So what is it that makes some people exceptional and others not? It is the things they do that make them stand out in a crowd, cause others to respect them, and make people want to be around them. By adopting some of these things that exceptional people do every day, you have the power to make yourself exceptional as well.

1. Learn from mistakes.

No one is perfect and exceptional people are no exception. They have taken wrong turns and made bad decisions. But ordinary people will make mistakes, hit a road block, and simply give up. Exceptional people look at their mistake and figure out a way to make that negative a positive. Bill Gates, who built Microsoft from a tiny company in his garage to a software conglomerate, recently talked about mistakes made as the company was developing. He said that the company met those problems head-on and adjusted as necessary to move forward.

2. Compliment others.

Everyone is amazing in his or her own way and exceptional people have a way of letting those around them know that they are valuable and appreciated. Low self-esteem is a significant problem in today's society, which is why offering a compliment can go a long way toward making someone feel better. You may be unaware that someone left home that morning feeling frumpy and exhausted, so complimenting her on her necklace or hairstyle could completely change her attitude for the day. A co-worker may be concerned that a project he is working on is not going well, so mentioning the good work he did on a recent report could give him the confidence boost he needs.

3. Be considerate of others.

Every day, exceptional people remember to be considerate of others. They understand that it is selfish to care only about themselves, so they work to ensure that the world is better for others as well. Kathleen Connors, a surgical nurse in Vermont, stopped at a diner after working her 12-hour overnight shift. As she sometimes did, she paid the bill for strangers sitting at a table next to her. Her exceptional behavior triggered a chain of events that was repeated at the diner 46 times that day, demonstrating how a random act of kindness can snowball into a significant event. Kathleen's generosity and need to be considerate of others shows that anyone can become extraordinary with just a simple act.

4. Remain humble.

Extraordinary people don't think of themselves as anything other than ordinary. They often deflect praise by offering credit to those around them. Take Mo'ne Davis, the 13-year old pitching sensation who threw a shutout in the 2014 Little League World Series. Mo'ne was the only girl on her Philadelphia team, yet when people complimented her, claiming she was a role model to young girls, she deflected the praise to her teammates.

5. Love life.

Exceptional people understand that life is the most precious gifts anyone can be given. Every life is worth living to its fullest every single day and that is what exceptional people try to do. They understand that anything is possible as long as you love life and share that feeling throughout each day. People begin to turn to you for positive energy, and, in turn, develop their own positive outlook on life.

6. Push the limits.

People whom others feel are exceptional push the limits of what they believe they can do. They understand that limits are defined within. Travis Rice, a world-renowned snowboarder, said, "We will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it." This is especially true of Jarrett Martin, a skydiver who was paralyzed from the chest down after a jump went wrong when he was only 18. Rather than let this limit him, Jarrett became the first disabled person to complete 11 BASE jumps in Norway, a feat he completed in 2014. Jarrett, like most extraordinary people, believes in himself, never letting doubt enter his mind as he strives to push limits past his ability and achieve goals even able-bodied people cannot accomplish.

7. Have a higher purpose.

Exceptional people realize that they have a higher purpose in life and do things every day that point them toward achieving the goals of that higher purpose. Viktor Frankl, who survived three years in concentration camps during the Holocaust, has said that knowing that his suffering had meaning is what kept him alive. He knew that his life had a purpose and that he had to stay alive to serve that purpose. Extraordinary people are better able to overcome obstacles as they focus on their life's purpose rather than on the obstacle in their way.

8. Take action.

Exceptional people take action; they do not sit back and talk about ideas or plans. They come up with ideas and then work to bring those ideas to life. Every inventor from the Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs began with a simple idea, but they didn't stop there. They put a plan in motion to bring that idea to life.

These things that exceptional people do every day are the same things you can do each day to make yourself stand out in a crowd as well. No one wants to be ordinary, so why not take the steps today to become extraordinary?