Because humans tend to be superficial, it is not unusual to hear them talk about how someone looks or mention that someone is attractive. A study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin, whose results were published in Psychology Today, found that attractive people earn an average of three to four percent more than people whose looks are considered average or below average. In addition, the study found that companies feel that beautiful people bring in more revenue. However, the study also found that attractiveness was more than just looks as people who look good tend to have desirable personality traits. These are some of the personality traits that are common among people others feel are attractive.

Smile Often

Attractive people enjoy life and make the most of every moment. Many of them love challenges and accept them as readily as they enjoy their successes. For this reason, they smile and laugh often, seeing the joy in daily life, even when things don't seem to be going well. Smiling and laughing not only makes people look more attractive, it also makes them feel more attractive. Laughter can be infectious, so others will be more likely to gravitate toward someone who is smiling more than they are frowning.

Think Before Speaking

Attractive people often think before they speak as they understand that words can make them look ugly. In addition, mystery leads to the attraction of human beings, so choosing words wisely and refraining from talking too much is an excellent way to appear more attractive. A person who speaks about things they know nothing about can also cause them to be unattractive.

Be a Good Listener

In addition to thinking before they speak, attractive people tend to be good listeners. By listening to what others have to say, they strengthen their connection with other people, making others want to spend time with them. Instead of planning what they are going to say when the person stops speaking, the actively listen while someone else is talking.

Be a Lifelong Learner

People who are thought to be attractive understand that learning is something that occurs throughout life. They pay attention to current events, they take the time to learn new skills and they admit when they don't know an answer, but work to find what the answer is. They don't resist change but embrace it, knowing that change brings learning.

Nurture Themselves and Others

Attractive people take care of themselves but they also take care of others. Beautiful people know that it is important to take care of themselves, whether it is by eating healthy, keeping a fitness routine or dressing in proper attire for all occasions. They understand that health must be priority. However, they also understand that it is important to have a generous spirit. Beautiful people give of themselves, expecting nothing in return.

Always Be Polite

No matter what type of day they are having, attractive people are always polite. They greet everyone with a smile and kind words. They hold doors open. They say please and thank you. Whether they are working or socializing, beautiful people are kind, friendly and polite to those they come in contact with.

Have a Positive Attitude

Many people say that negativity makes others less attractive. Someone who points out the negative side of everything is often considered unattractive. Instead, attractive people tend to be optimists, trying to see the bright side, even when situations seem dire. Keeping a positive attitude helps those around them remain positive as well.

Have an Air of Excitement

Beautiful people always seem to have an air of excitement around them. They never come across as boring, but instead seem to create their own fun no matter where they are. This makes others gravitate toward them as well because they also want to share in the fun.

Pay Attention to Their Body Language

Attractive people speak with their body as much as they do with their voices. Their body language sends clear messages to others, such as an open stance when they are receptive to conversation or a closed stance when they prefer to be left alone. Their body language is clear, concise and others are less likely to misunderstand their thought processes.

These nine traits of attractive people show that it is not necessarily looks that attract people, but instead specific attitudes, personalities and an openness with others that make people look and feel more attractive.