Years of research, in several countries worldwide, have repeatedly proved that investing in a high-trust, positive workplace culture is going to yield tangible, distinct business benefits. Research shows that good workplaces enjoy substantially lower turnover and improved monetary performance than industry peers.

Positive teams will mean positive profits and a positive workplace. Sounds simple, right? The secret includes making it happen.

Therefore, what do the majority of positive company cultures all have in common? Let us refer to it as the Uniqueness Quotient factor--i.e., recognizing the special strengths in each individual.

Research has proved that positive staff members are more productive and work harder than their less than enthusiastic peers. The truth is those individuals choose to offer their best work each day because they feel valued, appreciated, and capable of contributing their skills. The businesses which cultivate these cultures recognize, as well as deliver on, their promise to value their employees as their most critical asset.

It begins with the businesses embracing and recognizing the special value of each individual worker and offering all of them a chance to do their best work. It means all managers have to get to know their staff members--their talents and strengths and take a genuine interest in knowing how they learn, work best, and grow.

Here are 3 secrets to develop a more giving company culture which results in a more positive, powerful, and productive work force.

1. Provide feedback.

Individuals crave feedback, but a lot of corporate communication lacks in this area. As employees do not feel heard as a person, they do not feel respected or positive in regard to the workplace. As this occurs, they start looking for of greener pastures. Upskill the managers in how to have coaching discussions in order for them to begin to listen to, develop, and leverage the talent within their teams. Establish a monthly or quarterly meeting in which the entire team has the ability to talk through their suggestions and ideas, and make certain that you wave the flag as you implement a worker-suggested idea.

2. Give back.

Many individuals have a desire to work for an organization they can be proud of, and it means doing well by doing good within the world. (It's particularly crucial for Millennial employees). Your business must grow its abilities within the EQ Quadrant of the Uniqueness Quotient Powerhouse in order to be more in touch with the community in your area and more socially responsible. Get out within the community in your area and discover methods of helping, offering volunteer days off or aligning your business with a charity that's doing fantastic work.

3. Offer chocolate.

Need I say more? Recognizing and rewarding team members for a job done well or for living according to your culture and values need not be reserved for the yearly company dinner. Nothing will work better than positive, immediate reinforcement--so why not keep a few sweet chocolate treats within the workplace for just these types of rewards? Employees enjoy snacking during the daytime, and a fast word of thanks with a sweet pick-me-up attached will be certain to hit the spot. Plus, there's growing evidence that chocolate improves memory as we age, so it is an easy and quick method of improving productivity and mood.

An excellent company culture is able to keep individuals productive and assist you in retaining your best workers. If the bottom line requires a boost and you must turn a few frowns upside down, think about making giving a high priority for the company culture. Utilizing a few of these outside-the-box techniques, you will be able to provide your staff members a smile and provide your business a boost in productivity.