Media coverage has now become more challenging to get, particularly for a new start-up. Within a world in which anybody may push and promote themselves on the Internet through traditional media and social media, journalists are reluctant to give coverage to just anyone. They want something special.

Therefore, why bother when you're able to just do it yourself? Traditional media will still carry a lot of weight. It'll provide a sense of importance and authority within a world in which anybody may announce and cover their own company story. In short, it'll make you stand out. It'll assist in attracting investors and potential customers. It is worth the effort to go after it, therefore here are some tips to assist you in getting the coverage needed:

Get a Press Kit Prepared

A press kit, which is complete with quality photographs, is a great idea. It ought to involve basic background details, service/product information, recent press coverage, press release, as well as contact details, amongst other things.

What is Your Elevator Pitch?

The elevator pitch includes a short, yet persuasive sales pitch. It'll explain what you do in one or two sentences. It is so brief that you easily could deliver it within a typical elevator ride. However, it must be powerful, precise, and strong. It is an ice-breaker. Take some time to create a really incredible pitch, then utilize it in telephone or email conversations with journalists. They do not have much time, therefore if you get their attention for thirty seconds, you have to make it count. If the elevator pitch is good, they will want more.

What is Your Story?

Journalists have the job of telling stories. Not fictional, yet stories nevertheless. You need to be able to say why anyone should care. It requires a compelling narrative, interesting characters, and dash of conflict. An end, middle, and beginning. Have this prepared, and you have their attention. Do not make anything up. Merely tell your story. Where did your idea for the startup derive from? How did you get started? What challenges did you experience?


As an unknown and new start-up, newsjacking ought to be your friend. It'll refer to injecting yourself into a breaking news story and coverage of additional companies or events. There's a small risk to it, particularly if you attempt to inject yourself into something serious or tragic with ill-conceived attempts at wit. Therefore, tread lightly.

Used appropriately and effectively, newsjacking is brilliant. A well-timed post or tweet immediately can bring your name to the story's top. Newsjacking will make you part of a story. Remember to use it wisely.

Research Journalist Targets

Identify a minimum of 10 journalists to get in touch with about the start-up. You'll want journalists who write about your neighborhood, niche, or industry. If they've written about products, companies, or people similar to yours in any way, they're more likely to do it again. Conduct your research. Never send packages out or form letters to a journalist you know nothing about. It'll just waste your--and their--time.

Have a minimum of 10 researched journalists on the list. Media coverage often is a numbers game. You do not want all of your eggs in one media basket. You should reach out to them, with only the elevator pitch or something to the point and brief.

Stand Out from the Masses

Journalists get lots of messages and letters from those hoping to gain coverage. You must stand out somehow. Get to know them before you need the. Ask journalists how you can help them not what they can do for you. However, keep in mind to ALWAYS be honest. Never attempt to manipulate using unscrupulous methods.

Become emotional. Is the story particularly moving?

Be honest.

Be shocking.

Be different.

Gaining the attention of journalists is not easy, yet it is possible to get it done. Have a strong and persuasive elevator pitch. Locate journalists who already cover or write for your specific region. Have a press kit prepared; you cannot afford to ask journalists to wait around while you gather information. Do this and they'll move on. Newsjack whenever possible (more importantly, whenever it is appropriate). Coverage by the media provides you immediate credit, immediate authority, and immediate exposure, in quantity and quality, and just is not possible on your own. You must work for it, yet it is worth it.

Published on: Nov 14, 2014
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