In public relations, we're always juggling various tasks, priorities, and deadlines. We're in frequent communication with our clients and coworkers and must switch between various projects at a minute's notice. We consider multitasking as one way of life--particularly with all the technology allowing us to manage and communicate various tasks all at the same time.

However, studies have proven that trying the art of multitasking really makes us less productive. Research discovered that the usual worker in an office space is interrupted upwards of 6 times in one hour, and that the work quality decreases with more interruptions.

I recently listened to a webinar by a media pitching expert, Michael Smart. During the discussion he shared many strategies he uses to become more productive in the workplace. The webinar permitted me to reflect about how I spend my time outside and inside the office, and ways all of us could optimize our work time to accomplish vital tasks, avoid unneeded distractions and enjoy our life outside of the office.

Here include 6 tips each PR professional may implement to get the most out of each day:

1. Permit for time within the morning to meditate or work out and eat a heart-healthy breakfast. For the ones of us who are not morning people, it might be the most difficult change to make. But, feeling refreshed and energized from a healthy and calm morning includes an excellent recipe to start a productive day.

2. Concentrate on a couple of your most substantial accomplishments. At the start of a day, knock out your highest priority tasks prior to reading the news or responding to emails. These tasks often are the most unappealing or most difficult, yet checking them off of your list frees up time later on in your day and assures that they'll get done in a timely manner.

3. Prevent/manage interruptions. Uninterrupted time is critical to efficiently finishing tasks. Turn off phone alerts, do not check social media and block time off on your calendar for key projects. Michael suggests rapidly checking a news site a minute prior to joining a client call, in the instance something major occurred. Also, he suggests setting apart a certain time every day if you manage social media channels for a customer. Within that time it's possible to check their shareable content or Twitter feed, schedule posts for later on in the day, as well as respond to any questions or comments. When you can, minimize meeting times and establish a schedule for a meeting because these may be disruptive to your day if they aren't productive.

4. Batch activities. You can schedule meetings and calls back-to-back in 'batches' in order for you not to have an awkward fifteen minutes to kill between and meetings are more than likely to end in a timely manner.

5. Establish priorities the evening before. Prior to leaving your office, create a list of tasks for the following day in order of priority. This way, it's possible to begin the following day feeling organized and prepared to finish your first task.

6. Have some place you have a desire to be more than work. Making plans and setting apart family time after your work day is crucial and keeps you motivated to get things accomplished throughout your day.

Here are 5 apps which make your more productive:

1. Hootsuite--Web-based dashboard allowing you accessibility to dozens of social networks all in one place. It's possible to set streams up to observe keywords and certain followers, and have access to in-depth analytical reports showing who is responding to and reading your posts.

2. Google Drive--File synchronization and storage service providing users a fully-featured cloud drive and office suite which allows collaborative editing, file sharing, and cloud storage.

3. Mavenlink--Cloud-based project management and team collaboration application enabling professional service providers and their clientele to effectively manage their project from beginning to end.

4. Freshbooks--Cloud-based accounting feature made for owners of small businesses providing accounting, billing, and invoicing services.

5. MailChimp--Web-based email marketing provider assisting you in designing email newsletters, sharing them on social networks, integrating with services already used, and tracking results. It's possible to develop email lists and track which customers are clicking on links and opening messages.