Obtaining venture capital is a veritable necessity for some start-up businesses today. It provides vital funds new businesses need to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Funds may be used for everything from securing facilities and hiring the right team of skilled professionals to product development, marketing and more.

You only have to search online for 'venture capital' to uncover an exhausting list of potential sources of capital, but the unfortunate reality is the venture capital industry is clouded with posers who will waste your time and provide little in the form of a return.

While there are some posers, there are also some highly accomplished and experienced experts who have been working in the field for years and whose opinions are truly valued. When you are searching for venture capital for your business, consider paying closer to attention to what some of these leading venture capital experts have to say. You may learn a considerable amount of information about the industry by following these experts.

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Chris Witowsky(Twitter: @ChrisWitowsky)

Chris Witowsky is among the most active and influential professionals in the venture capital industry today. He currently works for Thomson Reuters as an editor for peHUB, and he is a graduate of Penn State University. He has written approximately 268 stories within the past year on the topic of venture capital, and this topic accounts for approximately 70 percent of all of the content he has produced over this period of time. Within the last year, his stories have generated an average of 2,412 shares per story. This is an incredible success rate that shows how influential his words are in the industry.

Angela Sormani (@AngelaSormani)

Angela Sormani is a graduate of the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, and she previously worked for Thomson Reuters and Wilmington Publishing. She now contributes and serves as editor for Reuters Buyouts and peHUB. Her content has been 74 percent focused on the topic of venture capital, making her a true expert in the field. She has created 276 stories on the topic within the past year, and these stories have helped her to generate 1,656 shares per story.

Iris Dorbian (@IrisDorbian)

Iris Dorbian is a professional journalist and author who is highly prolific in the areas of venture capital as well as related topics like private equity, small business, and marketing. Over the last year, approximately 75 percent of her pieces have been related to venture capital, and she has published 760 stories on the topic within the last 12 months. These pieces have generated approximately 3,040 shares per story, which highlights her reach in the industry.

Luisa Beltran (@LuisaBeltran)

Luisa Beltran is currently a blogger for peHUB and is based out of New York City. She previously attended Northwestern University, and she worked for other publishers such as Ignites, CBS MarketWatch and others. Approximately 65 percent of her stories have been on the topic of venture capital within the last year, and this includes 125 stories altogether. These stories have averaged approximately 1,375 shares each. Some of her stories have included those on companies like 3Par, Triple Point Technology, Transfirst, Executive Health Resources and others. In addition, these have boosted fundraising efforts for firms like Berkshire Partners, Summit Partners, Apollo Management and other firms.

Michael Dempsey (@RealMikeDempsey)

Michael Dempsey is committed to creating excellent content that educates and informs readers about investment opportunities and helps them make winning business and investment decisions. An astounding 89 percent of his stories over the course of the past 12 months have been based on venture capital topics, and this includes 15 stories during this period of time. These stories have generated an average of 1,515 unique shares each, making him highly prolific and influential in the industry.

Yves Smith (@YvesSmith)

Yves Smith is a veritable veteran in the financial services industry, with more than 25 years of experience working for various companies in this field. She currently publishes blogs for Naked Capitalism, which focus on topics related to finance, economics, and politics. Approximately 40 percent of her stories this year have been on the subject of venture capital, and this includes 85 unique stories on the subject. These stories have been highly popular, generating an incredible 7,055 shares per story on average. Her pieces are current among the most frequently shared in the industry.

Lawrence Delevingne (@Ldelevingne)

Lawrence Delevingne is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and he has worked with companies such as Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, and Absolute Return. He currently works as an enterprise reporter for CNBC out of New York City. Over the past 12 months, this accomplished author has written 38 stories on the topic of venture capital, and these stories have each been shared on average 6,460 times. Approximately 61 percent of his pieces were written on this topic within the last year.

Mark Boslet (@MGBoz)

Mark Boslet is a highly revered journalist who is currently working with Online Media. He is known for writing blogs, articles, and other related pieces on topics related to venture capital, social media, and corporate communications. Within the last year, he has written 29 stories related to venture capital, which accounts for approximately 88 percent of his content. These stories have been shared approximately 667 times on average per story.

Pamella Deleon (@PamDeleon_)

Pamella Deleon has been working in the financial services field for many years, and she regularly publishes pieces related to venture capital. In fact, within the last year, she has published 10 stories on venture capital, which accounts for approximately 67 percent of her content. For these 10 stories, she has generated approximately 540 shares per story on average.

Dylan Tweney (@Dylan20)

Dylan Tweney is among the influential in this group of professionals. He currently serves as editor-in-chief for 12 journalists at VentureBeat which focuses largely on the topic of venture capital. While he has only written 14 stories related to venture capital within the last 12 months, this accounts for approximately 77 percent of the stories he has written this year. While relatively few in number, these stories have generated an astounding 16,500 shares per story on average. This highlights his influence in the field.

Venture Capital Experts Can Be Hard to Find

It can be difficult to know where to turn to for venture capital today because there are many individuals who position themselves as experts but who lack the knowledge and experience to be true experts. These are all professionals who have focused their careers in large part on venture capital, and they closely monitor the industry. More than that, their pieces are read by many in the industry and are shared to expand their influence. When you want to keep tabs on venture capital or when you are searching for the best opportunities available, consider paying closer attention to what these experts have to say.