Crowdfunding has grown to become a very large part of startups success plan. Many companies are launching their businesses on sites like Kickstarter, Indigogo as well as several other sites to give their business a social proof.

I've organized a list of some of the top experts from around the world to help you get the best advice possible when it comes to crowdfunding.

The following is our list of the top 19 crowdfunding experts we used inPowered for the data:

Samantha Hurst

Samantha Hurst is presently a staff writer with Crowdfund Insider. She works alongside crowdfunding experts and lawyers to get the most recent news on the latest campaigns, platforms, and press releases. In the past, she has worked in numerous industries which include social media, engineering, entertainment media, and event planning.

Michael Ibberson

Michael Ibberson is an expert writer from Toronto, Ontario, who specializes in press releases, blogs and newsletters. He contributes to Crowdfunding--education/strategy, campaign promotion, and campaign management.

Kamni Gupta

Kamni is a lover of knowledge, a strategist and a leader. She is a self-proclaimed start-up junkie, with more than six years of expertise working with various early phase start-ups, the latest being CrowdFoundme, CoFoundersLab, and TheM2Group.

Erin Hobey

Hobey writes and researches original copy which covers international and domestic crowdfunding campaigns, which include Atlas Wearables, AngelPad, BoatSetter, and Boatbound, just to name a few.

Robert Hoskins

Hoskins is a Fortune 500 Corporate communications leader who has been fortunate enough to appreciate a long corporate communications career which has involved planning marketing campaigns for known brands and firms, which include: American Airlines, Halliburton, Rockwell International, Bell Helicopter, Texas Instruments, MCI, Sprint, etc.

Catherine Clifford

In the ten years that she has been a journalist, she has worked with The New York Daily News,, CNN, and She has intentionally driven her path in journalism toward the topics which excite her. Clifford's latest work covers crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship and, according to her, has been the most rewarding of her career.

Aaron Djekic

CEO and founder of CrowdClan, Aaron Djekic, previously spent almost ten years helping startup businesses that needed capital to launch their companies. Djekic has designed the Beta version of CrowdClan, amongst the most successful and reputable crowdfunding resources out there today.

Bill Huston

According to statistics, 60 percent of crowdfunding campaigns never become completely funded. At My Crowd Rocks they think the reason is simple. Crowdfunding includes a compound term and if you do not build an excited and engaged crowd you won't get the funding desired.

Darryl Burma

Burma is a crowdfunding industry thought leader and forward thinker. For the last couple of years he has been highly involved within the crowdfunding field and is the CEO and Co-founder at, the globe's first 411 search directory and global geo-location based crowdfunding company.

Fritz Parker

Parker researched, wrote, and managed blog content to spotlight the work of the crowdfunding industry and Launcht, which includes industry developments and trends.

Ludwine Dekker

Dekker is the senior contributor for CrowdfundInsider. Dekker has been coaching entrepreneurs and executing their fund raising for 3 years. As a digital marketing expert, Dekker specializes in entrepreneurship, fund-raising, and technology. As a Symbid campaign manager, Dekker strategically manages the entrepreneur's requirements and campaigns, frequently writes for many platforms, organizes pitch events, as well as gives workshops

Paula Newton

Another crowdfunding expert. She writes comprehensive guides on how and what to do for every crowdfunding situation.

Kendall Almerico

Crowdfunding expert, attorney, as well as JOBS Act Expert named within January of 2014, by VentureBeat, as the seventeenth Most Influential Leader Within The Crowdfunding Industry.

Simon Dixon

Dixon is an active banking reformer as well as director of the United Kingdom Digital Currency Association and founding member of the United Kingdom CrowdFunding Assoc., who consistently speaks about the future of finance to financial institutions, investors, businesses, and governments.

Clyde Smith

Hypebot Sr. Contributor Clyde Smith blogs of music crowdfunding at Crowdfunding For Musicians.

Devin Thorpe

Thorpe's books on crowdfunding and personal finance draw on his entrepreneurial finance expertise as a CFO, an investment banker, mortgage broker, and treasurer, assisting individuals utilize financial sources to do good.

Chance Barnett

Barnett is the CEO of He democratizes early phase investment for entrepreneurs via the power of the JOBS Act and equity crowdfunding.

Vann Alexandra Daly

Vann Alexandra includes a creative services agency which gets projects financed via crowdfunding. In the last 2 years, the business has produced multiple crowdfunding campaigns-with a 100 percent success rate-and raised millions of dollars for customers who include Neil Young, critically acclaimed journalists, and Emmy and Oscar nominated filmmakers.

Carolyn M. Brown

Brown is Sr. Producer at Black Enterprise, and is responsible for the editorial direction of content about franchising, entrepreneurship, small business financing, and entertainment around multimedia platforms--live events, broadcast, digital and print.