As an entrepreneur, hiring and keeping the best talent means taking care of your employees--but how do you offer great benefits on a budget?

I ran into Leyl Black from primary care system One Medical Group at the HealthBeat conference last month, and she gave me the inside scoop on the company's new study that looks into this very question.

One Medical's study findings were released today in a report entitled "Employees with Benefits"--you can download the full report on the company's website, but here are some interesting insights for entrepreneurs about what people value the most, and which benefits they'd just as easily do without.

1. Benefits impact how people feel about working at your company.

The study found that benefits really do make a difference. 64 percent of people surveyed said that employee benefits are "very important" to how they feel about their job and their employer, and 31 percent said benefits are "somewhat important" to how they feel. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) said they might choose one job over another if it offered better employee benefits.

2. Your employees want you to help them stay healthy.

When it comes to which types of benefits would be most valued, respondents voiced a strong preference for health benefits. A majority of respondents (67 percent) felt that keeping them healthy should be one of the top goals of their company's benefits program. In fact, 2 out of 3 said they would rather have better health and wellness benefits than more perks.

3. Not all health benefits are created equal.

According to the survey, most companies are providing medical insurance (88 percent), and more than half are investing in health and wellness programs. But the data also suggests that if you're offering these programs, you should carefully review which ones are having a real impact, because only 29 percent think these programs are actually making them healthier.