Citrix Online is launching a new remote tech support product aimed at small businesses; it's called GoToAssist Express and it's a slimmed down version of Citrix's enterprise software GoToAssist. GoToAssist Express will allow your IT staff to log on to your employees' computers and fix problems, even if they're in a different room, different building, or different hemisphere.

It seems a little pricey compared with Dell's Remote Access product, which I blogged about from CES. Dell charges $10 a month, while GoToAssist Express will cost $69 per month or $660 per year (you can also get a day pass for $9.95). But here's the good news: it's still in beta, and if you sign up now, you can use it for free until the official launch. And anyone who signs up during the beta will get a 30 percent discount after launch.

And here's some more good news. Dell was heavily promoting its Remote Access tool at CES, and I picked up some coupons offering free 3-month subscriptions. Since I am only one person, I decided to spread the love around to Inc. readers. To enter, leave a comment about any of the products featured in The Goods, Inc.'s new section focused on products and services for business owners, or on Quick Hits. Then send an email to FreeRemoteAcesss (at) I'll send coupon codes to the first five people who respond..