The cost of an airline ticket is falling, compared with those oh-so-long-ago days of sky-high fuel prices. But companies looking to cut back still need to find discounts wherever they can. Here are a couple ideas; if you have some tips of your own, please leave them in the comments section below. If you want to be notified regularly when we post new deals, discounts, and money-saving tips, subscribe to our feed by clicking on that orange icon to your right.

Book creatively. In our last issue, we highlighted four niche websites that will save you money on airline tickets. Yapta, for example, will help you get a refund or flight credit if the price of your ticket falls after you buy it. And if you cancel a flight, Miss Refund can get you a refund of the taxes and fuel surcharges you paid. Check out the story here. The individual refunds you'll get from these sites might be under $100. But if you ask all your employees to sign up, the savings could accumulate.

Find the "flagpole room." Harriet Baskas, who pens the Stuck at the Airport blog and contributes to The Goods, recently wrote a column full of her readers' ideas about saving on travel. Some of the ideas are a little frightening; one guy found a way to eat free Whoppers for a week. But others tips are more useful for those of us who aren't quite THAT cheap. For example, she suggests asking for the "flagpole room"--the room that has some flaw that keeps hotels from renting it out at normal rates.

How is your company saving money on business travel? Have you changed your policies or invested in teleconferencing?