The most buzzed-about laptop of the year was finally "officially" announced this week: Dell's addition to the ultra-portable, ultra-stylish laptop category, the Adamo, which aims to compete with the MacBook Air and HP's Voodoo envy. The notebook, billed as "the world's thinnest laptop," is available for preorder now, and will be shipping next week, so full reviews aren't available yet. You can check it out in the video we took at CES (see below). Or read what other folks are saying:

1. "There is no doubt that the Adamo will be one of the best looking laptops in history," according to Laptop Magazine. "Available in onyx and pearl, the Adamo is made of anodized aluminum and sports unique etching and finish. And that sexiness extends under the hood to a backlit keyboard and a 16:9 high definition edge-to-edge display."

2. "I'm going on record to say that I love this keyboard," says PC World. "It has wide, flat keys similar to the ones I've come to dig on the Gateway UC7807u and HP Mini 1000. A critical difference: The keys slope down, creating a little lip for your fingers to tell when you've pressed each key. And a tiny touch-inductive control panel consisting of basic multimedia shortcuts lines the top."

3. "Picking up the Adamo, we were surprised at how heavy it felt," says CNET. "At a hair under 4 pounds, it's certainly lightweight, but based on the size, we were expecting something closer to the 3-pound MacBook Air."

But one large question remains. The machine will cost $1,999, and a $2,699 model will be available as well. Is that too much during a recession?