A couple months ago, we wrote about three of the new mini-projectors on the market: the Optoma Pico Projector, the 3M Pro, and the Dell M109s. The first two are iPod-sized, but have fewer than 10 lumens apiece, so they aren't that bright. Dell's projector is larger, but has 50 lumens, and delivers a bright, crisp image. You can compare the images yourself in the first video below.

Other companies have recently announced their own entrants to this increasingly crowded field. Toshiba had two small projectors on display at CES. Its LED Pico Projector will be available later this year, has 10 lumens, and weighs four ounces. The TDP-F1OU, available now from ToshibaDirect.com, is larger: 1.4 pounds, compared with only 12.4 ounces for Dell's M109s. You can check out the TDP-F1OU in the second video below; the Toshiba rep calls it "palm-sized," which might be true if you are, say, Shrek. For an average mortal it's three or four times the size of a palm—but it has 100 lumens, and the image it produces is fantastic.

Keep in mind, however, that I recorded Toshiba's projector in a very dark room at CES. We recorded the other projectors in a conference room at Inc.'s office with the shades pulled down—it was dark, but not nearly as dark as the room Toshiba set aside to showcase its wares.

Here are the Dell, 3M, and Optoma projectors:

And here is Toshiba's new projector:

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