Readers had a lot to say in response to our story last month about the best netbooks for CEOs on the go. Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicado, has a dozen netbooks, so he's probably a good person to turn to for advice. You can read his full comment here; the best deal on the market right now, according to Abramson, is the Asus 1000HE (he owns two of them). What's your favorite netbook? Weigh in here.

ProPay Portable Credit Card Reader
We thought this pocket-sized credit-card reader would be perfect for business owners who spend a lot of time at trade shows, and Barbara Hranilovich of Lansing, Michigan agreed. "This is brilliant for events and trunk shows and small businesses like mine," she wrote. "Managing paper receipts is a big responsibility and this takes out the fear factor of secure data getting lost or stolen. It's cute, too."

Livescribe Pulse SmartPen
The Livescribe isn't just a pen, it's a computer that writes. Here's what one of our readers, Kal, had to say: "I'm an engineering major here at Cal, and have been using the pen for a while now. I love it! It's a great resource for not only any student, but anyone who takes notes. The way I use is that I record all my lectures, and when studying for a test, just quickly go through my notes and tap the parts I need to brush up on. It's made studying so efficient for me! I recommend it to all my friends." He added that he used the discount code PULSE5A10 to buy the pen at