In my quest to find a good remote access tool, I have been dying to try CrossLoop—but I've been stymied, because I use Macs at work and at home, and the software has only been available for PCs. Luckily for me, last week CrossLoop introduced a new version for Macs.

CrossLoop is free desktop sharing software—install it on your computer, and anyone, anywhere in the world can control your desktop from any computer connected to the Internet. (They must download the free software as well.) If your mom has trouble copying and pasting links (not that my mom would have trouble with anything like that), you can help her out by taking control of her desktop and showing her exactly what to do.

Or, you can hire one of CrossLoop's expert tech consultants, available 24-7. With this feature, CrossLoop differentiates itself from GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, two remote access tools we profiled in the most recent issue of Inc. GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are great tools for your tech support team, who can use them to do remote trouble-shooting. But CrossLoop is essentially a tech support department in itself.

Have you tried it? Did you like it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.