We're going to start chronicling our favorite iPhone apps for business users on a weekly basis. Here's the first installment, by Kelly Faircloth.

Exec Tweets
Looking for a little light reading between-meetings? Website ExecTweets now has an app that'll keep you updated about what other executives are twittering. What's on Richard Branson's mind? What's Fred Wilson reading this morning? It's a good way to kill time and stay up-to-day with what's happening in the entrepreneurial world.

You probably don't want to close a business lunch by struggling to figure out the tip. But that little bit of restaurant math can stymie even the most brilliant executive after a two- or three-martini lunch. Just in case, you might want to download this tip calculator. If your expense account isn't what it used to be, it'll even help you split the bill.

Presumably, you already know how long it takes to get to a meeting across town from your headquarters. But how long will it take to get from your hotel to your client's office? How's the traffic in Boise at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon in June? That's what iPhone app Traffic1 will tell you. It delivers real time traffic updates for every city in the US, so you can figure out exactly how much time it'll take to get where you're going.