As expected, Apple announced a new iPhone today, the 3G S—the "S," they say, stands for speed. The Apple-hungry hoards were predictably delirious; according to an Engadget poll, more than 55% say the new iPhone beats the Pre hands down (though most have not used either). Looking beyond the hype, however, there are a few new features that are particularly relevant for business users.

Tethering. You can now use the iPhone as a modem for a laptop that doesn't have Internet access. (More info from Engadget.)

Speed. Word on the street is the iPhone 3G S really is a lot faster than the iPhone 3G. Apple says it can launch Web pages and applications up to two times faster than its predecessor. That's a good thing, because Laptop Magazine recently found that the iPhone 3G took twice as long to load a Web page as the Palm Pre.

Voice control. Now, you can speak commands into the phone—telling it to dial a particular number, pause music, play a particular song, or even "play more songs like this." Not a bad feature for anyone who uses the iPhone instead of the radio while driving.

Better value. You can get a 16GB version of the 3G S for $199, and a 32GB version for $299. (Before, you got half the storage for the same price.) Plus, the plain old 3G is now available, in its 8GB iteration, for just $99. That's right, you can now get a brand new iPhone for $99.

Of course, the iPhone 3G S also has Apple's new 3.0 software, which includes cut and paste capability, and Spotlight search, which allows you to search everything, including your email, calendar, and contacts. Plus, the keyboard now works in landscape mode, for those who found it tough to type on a vertical keyboard.

What do you think? Are you rushing out to buy the 3G S? Or will you get the now-outdated 3G for $99? Or, perhaps you're a huge fan of the Pre?

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